Rumours Can’t Make You Travel.

Travel is all about moving from one place to another. Travel is never meant to be in one place. Travel the word itself says that keep moving. If you think sitting in one place,  just watching images of places, cities, beaches, mountain by sitting at your home you will be able to get experiences then you are completely wrong my friend. You might have heard from your colleagues, friends,  family that they visited this place they saw this and saw that and by hearing them you try to imagine those places and try to reach there. But let me tell you one thing the happiness which you will get by just imagining and happiness which you will get by visiting that place will be at another level.
                                   Now if you take my thing whenever I hear or see the new name of a place I  become so curious, that the first thing I do is google about that place, buffer through its pictures, read about its geography, environment and many other things. By doing this stuff I feel good but the actual happiness I can get is by going to that place.  There is much fun in going to that place seeing the beauty of places by your own eyes, rather than seeing from other’s eye’s [hearing rumours]. And rumours really make me feel jealous, it’s like as if they are telling me that we have gone, what we have done you can’t you just be at one place and many other rubbish talks. I hate rumours the most and if the rumours are about travel then they make me resentful. My point is that stop hearing rumours and visits places and create your own views, your own experience and your own review about the place.
                         ‘Rumour is just a word, real rejoice is seeing the place from your own perception.’

                                                                                                                                       P.C – raj_clicks

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