You Don’t Need Any Plan To Travel, All You Need To Have Is Wanderlust.

Planning the first step to travel, first thought comes in mind when we decide to travel. What is planning, why is it so necessary before going anywhere? we can travel without planning also, then why is it done every time? Actually, the thing is the concept of planning is set in our mind and we so affix to it that we can’t do anything without planning. Somewhere planning is good, it’s very important too because it helps us to be prepared for the future, for our upcoming event. But tell me one thing, whatever you plan does it get successful each time?  I don’t think so because every time every plan can’t be successful and when your plan gets fail what you do, something unplanned something so sudden that after it extent you get dam stuck how I did It and the happiness that point is at a next level.
                                           Same goes with travel too, we make plans we decide we will do these things, take these stuff with us and plans and plans. But there are most of the times that our plan gets failed and the reason is bad weather, someone in the group gets stuck in personal life, there are many more reasons. My point is at least once try to travel without plans and objective and then see how your unplanned trip turns into the most exciting trip ever. You will say how is it possible! everything is possible unless and until you have your wanderlust with you. Nobody can stop you, no plan can resist you to travel if you have your wanderlust.
                                             Wanderlust is a very big thing it can’t be taught by anyone, you can’t join the class to learn wanderlust. It is a feeling which comes naturally within yourself by your heart. Very few people have a genuine feeling for wanderlust I am one such do you also have genuine feelings towards it?


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