An Hour At My Favourite Destination.

Forests, mountains, oceans, beaches some of the most beautiful creations of nature. Which one do you admire most? all these creations are so amazing that it becomes difficult to hate anyone. These are the key factors due to which journeys, road trips take place travelling is based on all of these. Some people love the mountains, some forests while some beaches and in the lover of beaches, I am one among them. Beaches are true love seriously.
                       I love beaches the most, they are my most favourite destination. Whenever I need to spend time with myself, need to be alone I go to this destination. I don’t know but there is really something exceptional about this place that I am never able to say NO  to the beach, it really makes me go crazy or should I say it memorize me. To be real I don’t have words to express my emotion for the beach.
                         I still remember that day when I fell in love with this destination. It was an evening time around 5-6 pm, actually, I was at a’Kihim Beach’. Being at such a beautiful place I was getting bored by being in my room. I was like why did I take this trip, I was better at my home, mingled in my such thoughts suddenly I heard the noise of people at the beach beside my hotel having fun with waves. I felt little wired what’s there to enjoy at the beach especially with waves. I thought without experiencing coming over a judgement that beaches are really boring spot will be wrong. So I said to myself lets give a try. And when I actually visited a beach I went numb really I was numb for the next 1 hour I didn’t utter a single word. I still remember there were two corners of beach one was occupied by peoples, a buzz of their talking,  and one was mute, I mean there was no single person could be seen, fortunately, I was at this corner alone walking near the cool waves. You know  I automatically start to smile as the cool waves of the beach touches my feet. It was so good I can’t express it I spend around 1 hour at that corner and that one hour was enough for me to make me fall in love with this creation of nature. there was so much of silence that I didn’t hear anything except the sound of waves and my thoughts, yes I could able to hear my thoughts. And at that moment I realised what a stupid girl I am, I don’t know what I was doing in that 8×8 hotel room. That day my definition of the word beautiful changed.  That one-hour beautiful moment of my life.
                                    Many of you might be knowing that Mumbai city is near the coastal- line and there are a number of beaches lined in the city as I can’t visit the ‘Kihim Beach’. So I visit’ Versova Beach’ often it is one most the clean beaches of the city. If you want to find me you can find me there. Because when I have no one to talk, I have the waves, the sands of this beach to talk. Seriously beaches are the true love of my life!!!


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