And At The End I am Left With My Dream.

                                            Dream everyone love to see the dream, every day we get dreams in our sleep!! Is dream important for us? what if suddenly one day we stop getting dreams, what will happen have you ever thought about it? I thought about it and trust me it was a very terrible feeling. It’s like if there is no dream there is no motivation to live, no motivation to work, study as if we are living life without oxygen. A dream is something natural god’s creation you know as we are created by God so are our dream. Everybody see dream right from poor to rich person, from dog to a caged bird. A dream is a prime reason to live a life we get up everyday go to work or study why do we do that obviously to fulfil the dream we see right? Now imagine for 2 sec what if we have no dream and we are working and working or studying without a reason how would be our life just following the routine nothing else how boring will that have you ever imagined about? I imagine and I was really terrified by just getting a thought of it.
                                                 You know dreams have that power to make a lazy person active give him/her that dedication to achieve it which seen by him/her. It’s very easy to see the dream but the path of achieving it is very difficult. It requires true dedication, strength and lots of hard work to achieve one such dream. A farmer sees a dream of growing a healthy crop in his field and filling the stomach of him and his family whereas a solider at the border of country dreams to protect his nation. I am too living my life for fulfilling my dreams, my guardian’s dream. I need to tell you all a fact no matter how much you work, you earn,  you spend whatever you do in your life at the end of the day you are left with you are left with your dream!!! strength to see that one dream and to fulfil it. I am too left with my dream because to achieve that one big dream I see small-small dream every day and which makes me really happy! Trust me these smalls dreams one day will lead to you to achieve your that one big dream. 

Assorted-color Aired Balloons Under Blue Sky



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