Your Closed One’s Hurts You The Most.

Closed people, people who are surrounded by you all the time. These people are always with you in your bad as well as good times,  they share their food, they go with you to different places.  Somewhere you are bounded by them, your family and these humans make your life perfect according to you, you get a feeling that you are so lucky that you got such people around you, everything keeps going perfect. But then suddenly there is a clash of your views and their. They start thinking that you are being rude, you get cramped quickly, you are being selfish and same goes with you.
                                                  Did you observed something the relationship, the bond which was “perfect” according to you now have become the least bothered for you It’s not your fault nor there. You go to them with the intention to talk, share what’s going on with you. As you start talking the moment you start sharing you find that your words are being ignored, they find your topic boring and now the things go worse. There is no one to listen to you, to talk to you, scold to you on your wrong steps. This all leads to loneliness & depression. You are eagerly waiting to talk but you have no one. And then all of a sudden a stranger arrives and you start talking to them they make will you feel better.
                                      All I want to say is somewhere sometime what a closed person doesn’t give you that a stranger comes gives you and if closed ones didn’t give you what you are expecting from them it hurts you the most !!!!

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