Traveller Travels To Never Come Back.

‘Tourist’ and ‘Traveler’in both this term what is common? except for the letter ‘T’, there is nothing common actually. Both these personality are like east and west to each other. Both live life in different ways, their perspective toward travel is different, One travels to come back and other travels to never come back, this is the major difference between these two human beings.
                                           Everyone likes to travel and everybody has its own personal reason for travelling. Some travel for pleasure, some for business, some for relaxation, for adventure and for many other reasons. But you know what all these reasons for travel have just one motto and that is to come back to own land  (house). This is the reason he is a tourist and all he wants is a pleasure for some time he cannot travel continuously, he would not be able to because at the end of the day his main agenda is to earn money, fill his and his loved one’s stomach that’s it. And if we talk about traveller he is also a type of tourist but he will not be defined as a traveller in a crowd of tourist you would not be able to recognise his personality. That is the biggest quality of a traveller he is a normal human like me and you but the one thing which makes him stand out of crowd is his wanderlust to see a destination, his way of looking to places, interacting with the localities behaving as if he is the part of that place. Whereas a tourist goes to a destination just to click pictures, spend some good time and come back and show off!!! have you ever heard a place or point called as traveller’s spot or traveller’s point, I have not heard it ever I have just heard tourist spot or point. Do you know the reason behind it? the reason is tourist spend money to be at a place he does the booking, pay money to see the attraction to buy a souvenir and keep it as a memory. whereas true traveller carries everything with himself right from his arrangement of living to his food.  Traveller is the last person who spends money on shopping. At the maximum level he will spend money on his tickets of flight or railway.
                                      The traveller will never come back to the point or place from where he started his journey of travel. He will never come back he will never want to and the reason behind it is very simple, you must have heard people saying  ‘never look back while walking on the path of success’ same is with this person he just keeps going on from one destination to another from one city to another and you know what the best point is this person never ever gets sick of travelling. A normal human earns to live life, but this person lives only to travel. Truly a traveller can only have all these qualities if I impart any one quality also in myself from all these trust me my reason to live a happy life will be achieved!!!

Man Standing Near Snow Field



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