Making Unfamiliar Roads Familiar!!

 Roads connect us to our desired destination, roadway a most important part of a transit. What if there would be no roads or let just say roads without vehicles empty road isn’t it sound strange of course it does, but the beauty of empty roads is worth admiring rather than that of roads occupied with just a lot of traffic have you ever think about it?
                                       In the present time having empty silent roads is very difficult to an extent it is possible in late night that is also in less metropolitan places. How does the travel for pleasure seeking used to happened before, have you ever thought about it? there was no good connection of roads in those days and option left was either by railway or airways. But as the time passes roads developed and today roadways is on the number one for most prominent means of transport. As I have said earlier too and you all know it very well that we travel not only for the purpose to earn but for many other reasons. And all this have become possible only because of one reason i.e roads.
Asphalt Road Surrounded by Trees                                                     Road trip a form of travelling is flourishing nowadays, the form which could set you free to take unknown turns and twist rather known ones which you might take daily. What is the difference between known and unknown road?  the biggest difference is that known roads know you well you meet them daily and unknown roads you don’t meet them daily, you go through when your purpose for travel is unknown, it’s just unplanned if your road trip is planned you will go through the known roads though you are travelling on it for the first time you know it  because of technology the very famous ‘Google Maps’. Whereas when you travel without being technology there is fun, there is excitement which just can’t be explained you ask people of the region to reach your destination it not only take you to your destination but also helps you to get interacted with the people of the destination
                               My point is you can make your road trip successful and enjoyable only if you start doing road trips without planning it. You do not require as such planning for it all you require is a little amount of cash and most important time and patience. If you have all then what are you waiting for just grab your vehicle make the unfamiliar roads into a familiar one.


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