There Is Always Something New!!!

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  We always want to go to a new destination to visit new regions, why not visit the old one with a new view? have you thought about it. Let me clear my fact you always keep visiting one particular place yearly, twice a year or in holidays any guess what am I talking about! yes, I am talking about the home town, people those who do not have home town I am sorry about it but people with one are really lucky and I am one of them.
                             I recently visited my hometown, I visited it after 2 long years and the time I spent there was just ‘WOW’ really it was. This break from routine life was what I all wanted. I was there for 2 weeks, the excitement before going was a great and after reaching meeting my another part of my family I cannot describe the joyous I got. You know lucky are those whose hometown is nearer to them can go on weekends long vacations, but the people like us go to there land often they might or might not go all depends upon their responsibilities, workloads and many such facts. Whenever I visit my land it makes me happiest. I see my people, familiar faces everything is different there no point of rushing for work or other responsibilities The only two reasons I visit this place is to eat and laugh. Though I have become little fat after coming back from there hahaha, but never mind. There is a kind of attraction I do not know why it happens does it happens only with me or you guys too, I really do not know whenever it’s time to come back from hometown my aura becomes low it’s like I do not want to come back want to be there for more days. I have not got the reason till date why does the place attract me so much, what is it about that it turns me off whenever it’s time to come back.
                          One thing I have also observed about this place is that there is always something new about it. It has not happened to me once, twice or thrice every time I visit the place there is a new thing about it. The memory of riding behind my cousin on a scooter has not vanished from my mind yet. If you ask me what’s the best thing I enjoy after going there it’s this scooter rides which I cannot forget, It automatically brings a smile on my face when I think about it. The love, the affection, the attraction about this place can never ever get over having late night talks with siblings, going for a walk, eating hot street food with them and many such things always attract me to this land. I am in immensely love with my land and I am never bored to visit this land because I always find something new. So often hometown visitors when you visit your land this time find something new about it and enjoy its happiness!!


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