Enough Of Being Fake, It’s Time To Be Real !

Fake, Real these are just two opposites in the world but they have a deep meaning too. Nowadays  our life is based on these two concepts we see or hear people saying fake smile, fake bond, fake talk  and what not, but tell me one thing have you heard  anyone speaking about  real smile real people  reality  talk you might have but  30 among 100, I know the ratio is very uneven but it’s true.
                    Every day I see people, couples, even friends trying to get close to each other, showing off how much they care, love for each other but in reality, they don’t  I  do not know what’s wrong why are you being fake? if you want to be with someone be transparent there is no use in being with someone with whom you are just for the outside world. Actually, the root of this is communication today there is nowhere communication happening, it’s like the only one person speaks and the other just reply with nods, hm, ok whatever. I mean seriously you don’t have anything to talk, you can have lots of stuff to talk if you really want to and if you don’t you will be just fetching for the topic to speak real talking do not require any topic, the topic comes automatically. And when you bump into such people who don’t speak and give such creepy or lame replies your aura of talking gets finished. After this even if you try to talk with some random people or anyone who is your you know so-called friend you don’t get that kick because all your fun in talking is gone and then comes the topic of being fake and real.
                                   Communication creates the problem of being fake, just because we don’t have someone  to talk  that doesn’t  mean you got the right to start living your life with a fake smile, fake personality no way never do that instead find that one person who bears all your  tantrums make you laugh to listen to you and do not forget he/she should talk in return too. Now do not take this in the wrong direction I am not telling you to find a boyfriend/girlfriend I am just telling to fetch a person of your good and bad times. If you talk about me I  was the girl who used to think a lot before speaking where I will hurt one’s feeling whether he/she will like it or not and what not god! but this person changed me a lot like I used to get emotional kind of upset when my professor used to scold me this was the thing of around 2 years back, but now I seriously laugh when this happen. Now I speak what is there in my mind, I don’t care if the person will like it or not I like it and I feel really good after speaking my REAL FEELING and that’s what makes me smile feel good today.
                                          This person is my best friend, my partial sister, my motivator she is one person with several personalities. Thank you dear for being with me till date, thanks for being the real and real person in my life after my guardians I have found my real person and I hope you all find it too and if you have found it never let him/ her go because according to me if you lose that person you are losing the happiness of your life.


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Writer, Blogger, Dreamer and big time travel enthusiast

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