First Sunrise & The Pleasing Beach

                          Beaches…….where should I began from !!!! but don’t worry I am not going to explain the importance of beaches, as I have already explained it in my last blog. BEACHES are truly the ever most beautiful paradise on Earth. Recently I visited the smallest state of our country, yes I visited Goa it was my long long time wish to visit this destination and finally this summer I visited it. I know it is not a suitable season to visit this place but still, my trip went very well.
                         There were two reasons to visit this place, the prior reason is my love for beaches and second wanted to explore the two different life of the state. I was there for 3 days and my entire period of the trip was amazing. Our hotel was in south Goa and the entire happening things, beaches, markets were in north Goa, we were lucky enough that we rented a car so it became flexible for us to roam around. we were two families i.e 8, people on the first day I get up around 5 30, 5 45 and I and one of mine travel partner we seriously rush to the beach to see the first ray of the morning sunrise and the plus point was beach was just 1 km from our hotel.  The moment we reach there the sun was about to rise, the atmosphere was so beautiful and pleasing…… my god. It was like one side pleasing sound of waves and on other dim light turning into bright, sun moving the clouds becoming visible slowly. Trust me it was the first ever miracle of nature I have seen in real, everything was so beautiful and perfect and above all this, the surrounding became more attractive as the beach was empty there as no single person except me and my friend. It was one of the beautiful mornings ever I experienced. In my next two days of the trip, I explore more beaches and  historical monument the very famous ‘Basilica Of Bomb Jesus Church.’ The beach I visited on the second day was not so pleasing for me, actually, it was very crowded and I prefer fewer mass places. But the church I  visited was very beautiful. The best part of all was the food wherever I went food was just mouth watering. I wasn’t able to shop much I just bought some cashew nuts that’s it, I love anklets but I didn’t find any interesting one.
                               If you ask me my overall trip was good but If I  will get the opportunity to visit this place again I will surely go for it because this time I was able to enjoy the day life and I wanted to see the glimpse of nightlife and I wasn’t able to so next time my objective will be to do that !!!!


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