Sweater Under Umbrella.

Happy Monsoon or should I say Bad monsoon because the monsoon is not at all stopping in the city. Anyways I am sorry that this blog is coming so late, but I was really busy in my stuff. But finally this blog is here and I am very excited to share my one more travel story with you all!!!
So there was a buzz of ‘festival of Ganesha’ in the city and eventually  my whole family was on vacation, especially my dad who gets vacation very very rare and my father can’t sit home he is a kind of person like if he gets holiday consecutively even for three days he plans a short trip. And this time he had a holiday of almost 1 week, so he was like why to wait let’s go. And we went to the outdoor of Mumbai on a hill station named Mahabaleshwar and to be real this 1-week break was much needed to me. My trip was of  3 stops, first stop  Shirdi second Mahabaleshwar and last was Lonavala all these  3 destinations were far away from each other and mode of transportation was my favourite ‘the road’ road trips are the true love of my life.
             Nature was very kind to us I didn’t get any rain in Shirdi but the temperature was humid, the Mahabaleshwar was full of rains nature was looking so beautiful it’s difficult to describe it. In Mahabaleshwar, my stopover was in a resort and as the place is on a hill, I was able to see the whole scenery of clouds over the mountain it’s was OMG view. I was staying very close to the local streets. I reached the resort in somewhere around 4 pm and after getting freshened I went along the streets, though it was the off-season for the place still I saw hustle and bustle of people. I was hungry so while roaming I saw one cafe by the name ‘ chai bun maska’ and I didn’t know what is this bun maska, I did an experiment and I ordered ‘omelette bun maska’ and coffee and when the order arrived then I understood bun maska is nothing but a ‘pav’ and when I had it was such a yum I can still feel it’s taste in my mouth. There was also one thing unique which I saw here was that young girls and women wearing a sweater and carrying an umbrella. I found this very wired it was like they were sustaining through two seasons at a time. After seeing various women in this attire my tube light finally blinked and then  I learned why these two safeguards were together, the sweater was because the climate is cold and the umbrella was because of rains. This is the true magic of nature where you can enjoy two seasons at a time.
                      One more best thing for me was that my resort had a 24/7 cafe facility so I used this opportunity to the fullest on daily basis I have 2 cups of coffee generally and because of this opportunity, I have 4/5 cup of coffee every day and it was served in a desi style in a ‘kulhad’ hence it becomes more tasty . Now you only imagine weather of chilled rain and a cup of coffee  ‘vallha’ the most perfect combination ever. And many of you might be already knowing that this destination is also known as ‘land of strawberry’ I also visited Mapro garden the place you can find the strawberry and how it is processed in making different products from it. But unfortunately, as I said it was off-season so I was unable to see  strawberry but I was surely able to try the different products, the  garden also  had a cafeteria too where you can find eatables of strawberry, I tired one famous desert of the garden ‘Sweet Cream Strawberry Icecream’ and the ice cream was so creamy  that it was automatically  getting dissolved in my mouth no efforts no pain!!! I also tired a pizza it was authentically prepared in wooden fire ‘Bhatti’ and that taste of pizza I haven’t find anywhere till date not even in Dominos or Pizza Hut. My mouth is still getting watered by remembering it.
                                    My days in Mahabaleshwar were so relaxing enough  I have done just 3 things eat sleep and roam around the streets After these mesmerizing days I moved towards Lonavala. It’s the  place where dad was bought up, my grandpa was a railway officer so they used to live in the railway quarter and my grandma used to say there was servent in the house so she doesn’t have to do anything all daily chores were done by servants and when I used to hear her story I used to say ‘What a life you had dadi’ and she used to grin. This time I requested dad that I want to see that railway quarter and he fulfiled my wish he showed me his house which belonged to him around 30-35 years back. The house was not that attractive but still, it was looking good then dad makes us have his famous ‘vada pav’ from his favourite ‘vada pav’ outlet and it tastes really good, according to him it’s taste was the same as it was back in that period.
                             This trip brought me more close to nature and I am very lucky that I undertook this trip and this trip also gets added to my travel dairy though there are many more to come!!!!

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