Travel attach people.

Attachment getting closed or getting habitual to a person, thing or a feeling. Attachment what is it? how does it feel? what happens when it gets over?  my perspective about this is little different, I am ok with attachment but getting over attached has somewhere always been unlucky for me, I am a person who gets attached very quickly it’s like if start talking to a  stranger and if I talked for 5-6 days continuously I start getting attached and if  some chaos happens between us attachment gets over and I start feeling upset, get angry on myself and ask ‘why do I attach so much so quickly?’.  After having so many attachments and losing my self-respect one day I finally took a resolution no more attachment. But as resolution are made to be broken and my resolution broke and I was really happy that it happened.
                I am currently attached to three things at present. 1) my mother -This women means a world for me. Our cold war keeps going on continuously like every alternative day we have fights. She keeps saying you don’t do any household work, you are grown up now & many such things. I listened to her and forgot it or ignore it, but there is one thing that I can’t live without talking to her a day. She knows me so well that as my emotion on face start changing her enquiry begins ‘ what happen to you?’, why this face? she is my true wonder women.
2) Best friend -Of course my life is incomplete with you dumbo. Its been 4 years of our friendship, I know it a very small number but these 4 years taught me lots of things it’s like I was an immature underconfident girl and after she came in my life I grew up I seriously do. She has changed me totally right from dressing sense to how to carry myself to changing my mind about certain things, my journey with her was incredible we had a various fight but we do not use to sleep without solving it. Hey, girl thank you for everything I want you to be with me forever and I am hoping for it. I really don’t know where will we after a few years we can be far away in a different land but all I want is just stay with me though being far just stay with me.
3) This has become an attachment quite recently and it is linked to me  & my happiness.  I know many of you might have guessed till now its none other than travel. And it is linked with what I am doing now, it writing making myself happy, somewhere making you people happy I guess. This topic of attachment my whole idea of writing this is travel.
   Travel attach people, yes it does converting a stranger guy into familiar one is what travel do !!! ‘Travel has the power to make you a known person in an unknown land between unknown people.
              Travel attachment is good you know why it cannot hurt you back because travel never leaves it hasn’t left and it won’t ever. It’s not me but my experience is speaking. After so many chaoses of being upset finally, I am attached to a feeling which will stay and just stay.
           Huh, I am so happy and proud that this time I am attached to right persons and thing or should I say emotion. And I can say that these are not gonna hurt me or leave me ever.

Tilt Shift Lens Photography of Woman Wearing Red Sweater and White Skirt While Holding a Boy Wearing White and Black Crew-neck Shirt and Blue Denim Short                            


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