Happiness is…..

 Happiness word or feeling with numerous names or let me put it in this way a form of human reaction. It’s really difficult to define one’s happiness some find their part of happiness in a person, books, cooking, dancing, travelling or like me a combo of both travel+ person. Yes, I find my happiness in these both.
                     You cannot get happy on your own, you have to fetch for your happiness dig lots of interests and hobbies that are part of you and have to find one among them, you’re the real happiness. I have seen people getting upset, sad that they don’t have their happiness or they are not able to find one and trust me most of the reason of sadness which I have been part of were like they don’t have anyone to love these people see couples and start feeling alone that they don’t have one and let me introduce you to this fact that once I was part of these lonely people. Now I really thank god that during my high school and in this undergoing part of graduation I meet a couple of lovely friends who really changed over not in looks though, but in behaviour, way of looking towards life, how to love in yourself, how to be favourite of yourself own. Thank you to all of you who were and who are with me still and most important thank you to all my fellow readers who read my blog support me, rectify my errors and motivate me to keep writing so here I am with my first part of happiness, I find my happiness in you all.
                        I sometimes really think is love really important? that once our heart gets attached to someone it becomes difficult to detach it and if it gets, it really pains a lot. I have gone through this attachment -detachment but that was my past and now here I am in present loving myself the most and people who are there for me, love me to the most these are the one who gets worried whenever I am not close to them, and I will tell you having a bigger squad is little difficult to handle rather than having 4-5 people is much better (I am not at all offending bigger squads) just letting you all know my preferences. It’s like I know this human is just a call away for me whether it’s morning or 3 am in the night and I mean it they have really been there. All I want to say is m not against the concept of a lover I m just trying to say is having a partner is the best thing you can have, but somewhere loving yourself finding your personal happiness is more important. I really thank god I m in love with both of the above things  I mentioned.
                  I keep finding my happiness everyday everywhere and every person I meet. If a person in front of me is giving me to reason to smile, laugh, love myself more, love him or her more than why not. People get out there a bunch of happiness is waiting for you in different ways, it’s ok if happiness doesn’t find you you can find it for yourself and I know my readers are not weak. In my case too, happiness did not knock my door it was vice versa and I am really lucky that I  dig out and my happiness on my own.
  Hoping that my this blog gives you reasons to find what is your happiness? and if you find one do let me in the comment section…

             Until next time have fun and be safe.


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