With a Storyteller


We are all storyteller in our own little world, some shares story through talking while some keep it to themselves. You know being with storyteller is an art you require the skills of being a good listener and good observer, the storyteller has the power to make you believe in the story in such a way that at a point you start getting a feeling that you are part of this story you have seen the scenario through your vision.

                  I also have been with a storyteller and I admire it so much that I feel lucky I am part of every story. There was a time when listening to a story or telling it or even writing it was the laziest thing for me ever, I was this person like why you always want a story to be heard there are a lot more important and interesting stuff rather than just reciting a story. But then there also came a time when I started reading stories listening to them, reciting to them and then I understood yes! it not a bad thing to be one such person where you immersed people to listen to you, try to make them envision things the way you do and trust me if you are successful in doing this, if people eagerly wait to listen to you then my dear you are doing one of the most creative things in this world.
              Having a creative mind or being a creative person is also a big thing, actually a very big thing. Talking about me I am not at all a creative-minded I have few friends and I have seen their creative work, so sometimes I get amazed by seeing their imagination to bring those ideas or things which I just imagine into reality. You know if you have to be a storyteller you need to have little bit presence of creative mind too and in my case, as I said not a creative person but I am a storyteller, not a complete storyteller but yes whenever I recite, share or write my story people listen to me. Few individuals give me bad reviews too like you are not worthy of sharing your story, why you speak so much we do not like to listen to you but then again everything, every feedback can’t be good so it’s ok if some don’t like me because the number of people who admire me is more than that of who do not.
                       I like speaking I cannot be a person who can sit quite and my this habit of speaking has somewhere turn me into a storyteller. The second reason why like speaking is I like to travel sometimes I have a partner with me to travel sometimes don’t so whenever I travel I like to share my experiences, my views about the place I have been to and my this habit of experiencing and sharing has made me grown, help me to bring a chances in myself- I’m being positive these days, loving myself most, ignoring the negative perspective of world towards me and flaunting with the positive one. I sometimes really think that if  ‘Travel’ was a person, in reality, I would have told how much I admire, love you inspired by you.

       Truly travel is a storyteller and it turns you too, I feel confounded that yes travel have somewhat turned me into a storyteller though my training of being a better one is still in progress, but one day I will be at a great level, this is also one quality which I inculcated from travel to have faith in yourself and currently I have faith in my self!


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