It’s good to Pause…

 Side View Photo of Woman Sitting on Ground Overlooking a Hill

Happy monsoon, or should I still greet by happy quarantine! But quarantine is almost over now, things have started to come back to normal but cases are not. Though lockdown is over the number are increasing every day. We are trying to adopt a new normal of our lives- mask, sanitizer social distancing and as the situation is we all very well know that all these things are going to be part of our life for a long time. Every day there is a piece of big news about this pandemic and today’s big news is that our city’s lifeline has started again, the local trains which were shut for three months have resumed again. In the end, we are adopting the biggest change in our lives and we are moving on!!

                      This pandemic has brought our life to a pause, like who could have imagined staying within a house for three months, I never imagined and I cannot stay inside. I’m amazed for myself how did I manage to be in and restricting myself from going out and getting affected, I know many of you can get me, but there is only one aim if we want to live, we need to be in a safe place and today one of the safest places are our homes. 


Whatever has happened whatever is happening, one thing I learned and work upon me is that to take a pause is important for us; our life could have never come to a pause if this crisis didn’t have happened. Today is Monday first day of the week if there would be no corona we would be running for our work, catching the regular local train or bus. Some would have been waiting for the traffic to get clear so that they reach their office on time. This all would have been happening today but in reality today we are at home, working from home some of you might have started going offices but you might have noticed a huge major change in your life which is good because changes are important. Now just imagine for 2 min of your life in the last three months your life came to a pause, in starting days you would have enjoyed this lockdown, but none of you might have imagined it will go for three months. 


            You would have cussed people who spread this virus, who got infected, who ignore health guidelines by the ministry. But can you recollect any such moment in this lockdown that yes I’m happy that life has come to a pause, yes I have time for myself, my family I can invest time in learning and inculcating new skills in myself have you? to be frank, in starting days I also used to cuss but slowly I realized that this pause can turn into my happy time if I want to. I would say that somewhere I’m happy that our lives have come to pause, I realized about the time I spend with my family, laughing with each other, on each other’s puns fighting over games, spending time about learning something new about myself and whatnot. 


Now you think does this pause of life made you healthy, happy or were you good at running behind your work to earn money. I’m not stopping you from working, I’m nobody to do so all I meant is it’s good to stop for a while taking a halt to cherish moments remember good memories in past.


          Let me know in comments was this pause brought you more closer to yourself? Let’s have a conversation is it good to take a pause or not. Till then be safe and be healthy!!


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