Things that Travel taught me.

I know it been around 2/3 weeks I haven’t posted any blog, to be plain I was bored had no motivation to write, mostly I was fetching for my topic, sorry for that here I am with a new topic. We are in the fifth month of lockdown, can’t believe I survive five months in the home, but I’m happy too I learned lots of things about myself, life, travel and most importantly how to adapt changes in life that comes your way.

Travel is good for soul

I noticed and learned that yes travelling is important for me, though in these past 5 months I’m not travelling however I’m planning things, looking around for something interesting, something which can make me say WOW. At present all I can do is to be calm, patient and hope everything comes to normal in a new form. This is one big thing which travel had taught me to be calm, to understand circumstances and get adapt to changes very quickly. I used to be the girl who takes time to observe, get habitual to new things but thanks to my one and only partner who made me grow into a better and healthy person.

I wish sometimes travel could be a physical human body like me and you so that I would have been able to express my gratitude towards him in a more candid way. Nevermind travel is a feeling in reality which never leaves me, has become an important part of me and I am really thankful for this feeling because whatever I ‘am today it’s because of this feeling.

Are you also travel person alike me, let me know in comment section.

Till then be safe, be healthy.


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