Stories by the Streets….

Good evening, people and happy monsoon, it’s raining continuously outside finally no summers and cold weather is here which is my favourite season by the way. We are still in the 6th month of lockdown with the little improvement of decreasing rate in Covid’19 which is a positive sign that soon we will be free.

Nowadays I have got to my oldest and one of my favorite hobby of reading, my dad gifted me an eBook which contained lots of book to read and to be true I read 9 books in last 2 weeks, I know it’s a bit more, but once I start a book I cannot restrain myself to finish it. I read some mysterious books some travel books and from one of the book I got this topic and the topic is really close to my heart and I’m always excited to talk about. First of all, tell me how many streets have you visited in your life and how you felt about it? it can be any street your home town street, the street which you pass by daily, do you find something new about it when you do? think about it! talking about me streets are my favorite part in terms of travel and whenever I visit any streets I try to hear stories which happened there and try to visualize them.

The temple street near my house

Streets are non-living stories which have innumerable incidents, events, facts to share. I still notice new things in the street in my hometown there is something new always. Sometimes I find a new sweet corner opening or new lane added to the street or an event where a large crowd gather and enjoy the function with enthusiasm. You know whenever I visit my native right from railway station to grandma’s home there are numerous streets which passes and I get a feeling that each street is welcoming me by saying, ‘hey you are back’ I have my cousin sisters and brothers my partners in crime, so there used to be a daily schedule of roaming on ‘Scooters’ in the evening with them having evening snacks, cracking jokes, playing around and the best part was roaming in streets after dinner at night and playing a game of echoing our sounds. Some of you might feel this is an exaggerated statement, but the time I spend in my grandma’s house are the golden days for me. It’s more than a year I have visited there, but once this pandemic gets over I ‘am going to rush there very soon and cherish those memories which I miss the sounds of streets, the voice of milkman and vegetable vendor shouting to come out of the house and buy their commodities, the voice of kids playing, and hearing aunties gossips with my grandma the fun part ever. I am missing this all so much while sharing with you all, never mind soon I will be with the streets where I grew up and hear more stories which will become part of me.

Let me know in comments what is your best part/ memory of your place street, let hear the stories by the streets together!!!


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2 thoughts on “Stories by the Streets….

  1. The street across my grandparents house where i learned to ride cycle for the first time ..♥️♥️♥️ That place that special smell in atmosphere ….in unmatchable💗
    Lovely blog♥️

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