Needed Getaway…..

Corn + Weather = Perfect

Good morning, it’s 11 am the second day of the week everyone is busy in the hustle and bustle of work from home. We are in the seventh month of lock down with few relaxations but still, we are at home. The guideline of this month is out and it says that metro will begin, hundred people will be allowed for functions in an open auditorium, no sign of opening schools, college and neither resuming of locals we were waiting to get things back at original and we are still. Never mind after a long time I ‘am writing in the morning or else quite of you must have noticed that I write in late noon. Today I didn’t have any college lecture with god grace I was free and I thought let’s write now so here I am.
Last weekend I finally went out of the house for a long drive, that drive was so much needed to me cannot explain. I pleaded dad to please take me and being a daddy’s daughter he took me. We went to outskirts of Mumbai, Lonavala a weekend gateway the weather was amazing we got rains in our way and you know the hilarious part was we didn’t have any umbrella unless and until we are in our car we are parched and if we get out we will get soused this exact thought came to my mumma’s mind and she was calm about it like it didn’t matter at all. We left around eleven in the morning and I was blown seeing that expressway was not crowded there were vehicles but not as there were used to be because the Lonavala is like a favorite spot for every ‘Mumbaikar’. In our entire way, we got rains and rains, wherever there is rain there will be fog for sure, the fog was like icing on the cake which made the scenery more beautiful. Rains, mountains covered by fog and greenery everywhere what a view it was!!
I felt like I ‘am out of the cage after 6 months with a new normal though due to obvious reasons. When I reached the spot I noticed that I’m not the one who needed the gateway, many people had come to stay at the place I didn’t go for a stay because I went on Sunday, but Lonavala is also a good destination for one day trip and whenever I go I come back in a day. The spot has a very old connection with me, my dad’s education happened in Lonavala, he has created memories like all his childhood he was there till high school. He knows every street corner of the place and he is always excited to go there, he has his favourite ‘Vada Pav’ spot there so whenever we go its a ritual kind of thing to have that Vada pav the spot is known by the name ‘Golden Vadapav’ so whenever you go there you can have it it’s delicious. After filling our stomach we went to a spot where I captured lots of scenic photos of nature highway and myself of course.
It was a good trip and a much-needed getaway for me. I also understood that for the next one – one and a half year travelling will be with this normal, but in the end, I’m getting to travel that’s all I want.
Let me know in comments did you travel anywhere with these new normal.


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7 thoughts on “Needed Getaway…..

  1. The way you explain is so nice… I think whosoever will read this is going to experience something good… It felt like I am almost there… We are all here and stuck in this pandemic… Everyone needs a getaway from their mundane lives… This blog is so helpful… You go girl


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