A Guinea Pig

Mum’s Guinea Pig

Good morning, a Friday morning, there was a time when this morning’s used to be excited one’s looking forward to the start of the weekend. Things have changed now everyday looks similar, every day is a waiting period for getting things to its normal routine, let’s hope for good.

Some of you might be feeling vired seeing to the title because generally, I write on travel or relate things to travel. The idea of writing something unlike my regular blogs was given to me by mum. We were having a conversation yesterday about my blogs and my new Instagram account, oops sorry to tell you all that I have finally opened my new Instagram account ig handle I have mention link at end of the blog. I was thinking to make my professional account for blogs travel stories so yesterday I did it and by god luck and all of your’s graces, I’m getting a good response. Coming back to the topic, me and mum were talking and she said,’Riti you start writing something different away from your travel blog.’ I was like I know nothing apart from travel that I can write on and then she only suggested to writing something on personal, your own dairy types. I thought about it to give it a try and see what response I get.
Most of you would know what a Guinea pig is, if not I’m here to explain a Guinea pig is small species of rodent also know by cavy or domestic cavy. In more simple terms guinea pig belongs to rat family, who is used to test new things on him. In these seven months of lockdown, mum was home and women at home cannot sit empty so she kept cooking different dishes, she tried hands-on different cuisine, she even tried some homemade products like hair oil or healthy drinks and much such stuff. In my family, my grandma, dad and my brother are very choosy in terms of eating they don’t want anything new they are happy with their way old of preparing and enjoying it. Talking about me I m not fussy about the food I eat everything, but still m not a foodie. Mum knows I eat everything so whatever she tries I’m the first person she tests upon and from here I got my second name as ‘Guinea Pig’ of the family. In earlier days when she used this word by saying, ‘You are my Guinea Pig beta’ I was like what is this term and when I searched and realised I’m truly a Guinea Pig of her.
You know whenever she tries something new she has this dialogue always on her lips, ‘Ritki try to kar bahut tasty bana hai, ekdum yummy’ and the moment she says this dad and brother stares at me and gives me smirk and I’m like yes I’m the Guinea Pig and fine with it. In the end, we all are Guinea Pig of our parents in some way or other so nothing to be abashed about it.
I’m a proud and happy Guinea Pig of my mum, let me know in comments are you to Guinea Pig of your loved ones and how you feel about it, let’s have a conversation.

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6 thoughts on “A Guinea Pig

  1. That’s makes me realise even m a Guinea pig for trying different dishes mom make…..and #1 rule is always compliment no matter how the experitment went on you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….

    No matter after that you end up stacking up glasses of water in kitchen..

    Anyways as always very well written β™₯️


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