My Grandma’s Cupboard!!

Hello everyone good morning, it’s a lazy morning for me feeling sleepy but anyways have to write a very exciting blog for you all. This topic is on my personal life, it’s something about me and my grandma I hope this excites you, let’s get started then.

The Cupboard

I and grandma are very much opposite to each other our views match very often, many times we have cold war and mum is the umpire who tries to end it. If we fight in the morning our settlement gets done by evening. Yesterday during tea – time we were having a usual talk and some topic arrived about grandma her olden days, the days when she was young and enjoyed her life. My grandfather was a railway engineer and he used to change house many times in a year, so he used to get big railway bungalows with all the amenities and servants. So yesterday during tea time we had this conversation and I asked if she had pictures or something to show, she said,’Let me search in the cupboard I said ok, tea got over and I got busy in chores then around 6:30-7:00 pm she calls me in her room and I went and the things I saw things that gave me willies. Dadi was sitting with her opened cupboard her own space of memories, old stuff in Hindi we call it ‘pushteni saman’ and my grandma’s cupboard is so old she has all the things right from her marriage to my father’s marriage to the birth of me and my brother and many such things. When I saw this whole thing lying on the floor and dadi seeing them, smiling and remembering those days I was just felt little equipped that what is there so much to attach with old things it’s just they are dusty and some of them even caught grease.

Sarees, Dress, all the things which she has preserved.

I saw her sitting with these things and I asked her what are these things where did you get this all from, the way she replied was everything that fulfiled the need for this topic of my blog. She said these are the things I have collected, preserved and took care since I became part of your grandfather, the moment said it gave me goosebumps. I was thinking how a person can live with the things which can’t even express and trust me dadi is so obsessed with these things that she has always handle them with care and tell us too. Her favourite things from her cupboard are her’s and grandpa’s photo of young age, one piggy bank which is not in that good condition, her sarees of different fabrics, I was amazed to hear that dadi used to wear sarees before my father’s marriage and seeing her pictures in saree I got complexion, she was slim then and she is slim now, she doesn’t do any workout nor diet nothing still how she has kept her fit is a big question for me even today. You know above all of these I think how easily dadi has preserved things, talking about me I’m a little careless in terms of preserving things. Either my things get lost or it gets breaks, but she preserves so well that we can open a museum as a part of side business and earn huge. I remember her speaking about one umbrella she got as the first gift from grandpa around 30/40 years back she still uses her and it in intact position.

The old pic of Grandparents

I wish in my old times I could get the sense of preserving things, even if I got a half per cent of quality of preservation what she has now it will be a great achievement for me. Someone has said so true, mother and father give us birth but we become human because of our grandparents.

Let me know in comments how much fond are you of your grandparents and what quality of them u like most, let share the memories!!!


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