Good morning readers, Happy Diwali in advance. Tomorrow is Diwali but this year things are different, this year I’m not at all excited, I’m like fine it just Diwali it has come it will get over in the wink of an eye are you feeling the same? because I’m, I’m not depressed it’s just I can’t feel vibes of festivals of lights. Let’s talk about today’s topic, the topic can be depressing for some of you while some of you might have an eagerness to read the post just by looking at the title.

Favorite what is this word ! things, emotions, choices or people which we choose over everything else. Everyone has something or other favorite things about himself or others. It feels good to be someone favorite, isn’t it? I mean who won’t love the feeling of receiving love or things first than others. Talking about me I never leave a chance to be someone favorite or getting a privilege to be a priority of someone, It feels good to be first than others, first in everything receiving gifts, love, fulfilling wishes and many such things. But what about the one who is not the first who is second ? for the second person the term favoritism takes birth. He/she always feel insecure or get complex with this person and thinks what is wrong with me why I can’t be number one. You might be feeling why I’m pressuring more on the second human because I have somewhere gone through this stage. I’m not saying I’m not someone’s favorite, for many people I’m the only priority but you know when you expect from someone to at least be a person who they can look up to and they brush off you that hurts, ouch!!! In starting I used to feel why not me but now I’m totally over it currently I’m favorite of myself, I’m obsessed with me and I’m happy about it.

We generally see this favoritism in terms of siblings, as a student in the class. In my life, few people are just a call away from me but there some people who brush me off intentionally so that I can feel weak, get depressed and whatnot. In starting these things used to affect me tremendously but when I started writing, I started sharing my feelings with you all I started to feel good I started to get confidence, love myself most. Today here I’m confidently talking to you all on a topic which some of you might be against, but I’m going to share what I feel and it fine if you do not like it….

What are you’re thoughts on favoritism, do you also feel that sometimes you are on position second rather than first let me know in comments! Till then Happy Diwali be safe and be healthy.

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3 thoughts on “Favoritism

  1. Very relatable topic with my life….I really feel very comfortable in my own skin after reading your blog….♥️♥️
    Much love to your work♥️


  2. Hi Ritika, listen to some good music. It has it’s own vibes……I’m tripping on some classic rock of my favourite bands.


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