Good morning readers, Happy Diwali in advance. Tomorrow is Diwali but this year things are different, this year I’m not at all excited, I’m like fine it just Diwali it has come it will get over in the wink of an eye are you feeling the same? because I’m, I’m not depressed it’s just IContinue reading “Favoritism”

Why I Became Writer ?

A writer who is he? a person who expresses his feelings through words. Nowadays becoming a writer is not hard, in fact, today if somebody writes one line or quote and if other’s appreciate it he is called as ‘Writer’. How to become a writer? generally, every writer has a story which he hides keepsContinue reading “Why I Became Writer ?”

Whether To Love Or Not ??

Love, what is love? some say love is a feeling which can’t be expressed but only felt, while for some love is everything [happiness]. And according to rest, love sucks! love is one of the unluckiest feelings in the world for them. You know I often ask people, friends, classmates what is this feeling andContinue reading “Whether To Love Or Not ??”