Hola Amigos, I don’t know Spanish more than this anyways Diwali is over and we are on the verge of the year-end. By the way, did you know that 17th November was the 1st birthday of Corona virus, yes Covid’19 was born on this day in Wuhan China. Let’s get back to the topic today’s topic is a bit different and I hope u all will love reading it.

Yesterday I went to Mumbai International Airport for the very first time, I have gone to a domestic one but the going to international was the first time. For clarity, I ‘am not going anywhere I’m in my home. I was gone to pick mum and papa as they had gone to Jammu at Vaishnodevi Temple. Temples have finally open in the country and hence people have started travelling. It was a short trip of 2N 3D, they went on 17th and came back yesterday. You know I was more excited to see an international airport rather than to pick them up. I went in the evening around 7 pm and the airport was filled with people, somewhere waiting for their departure, while some for arrival. I went for arrival, you know I used to always think that departures are more happening, there is more fun in going, travelling to different places is much better than coming back, but yesterday something hit me very hard.

Yesterday when I reach an Arrival section I felt something strange something different. Many people were waiting, waiting for their loved ones to arrive and I saw a spark of eagerness in their eyes, the eagerness of uniting with their people, the eagerness of meeting their loved ones after a long time. Flights were arriving one after another and as the people were coming out there was a different vibe of happiness in people who had come to pick up arrived person. Yesterday I saw many people waiting in the arrival section, some were waiting for their parents, some waiting for their partners, while some waiting for their family. And let me tell you each person who was waiting just had his/her eyes on the exit gates like the eyes were talking and saying, ‘come out fast now I cannot wait to see you anymore.’ I belonged to this category of people because I was waiting for my mum and papa too and as they arrived out of exit door there was a different kind of smile on my face and to be true I never had experienced it. I have always travelled with them, this was the first time when have gone alone, when they went I got a little bit upset I also wanted to go but I was fine in a few moments. Now I can say that I’m happy that they went because I got the opportunity to see the international airport, getting to know how does it feel to be arrival section and wait for the person to arrive.

I thanks travel to let me get a feel of arrival and changed my perspective towards it. I always thought arrival is the most depressing thing of travel, I mean who will be happy to come back to its origin. But yesterday I felt sometimes its good to be back, it’s good to unite with your loved ones.

Let me know in comments what do you think about arrival? do you like to unite with your loved ones, like to come back to your origin?

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2 thoughts on “Arrival!

  1. Felt great reading your article. Beautifully written. Indeed a very unique thought process you have. Keep it up.

    P.s. I hope they had a fantastic trip as well.


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