Inner you!

Good evening people, can you believe it’s the 4th of December already just 26 days more for this year-end. What a roll coaster year it was sure a roller coaster ride for me at least! getting back to the topic, today’s genre is about you, yourself so have fun reading!

We as us, as myself how much importance do we give to our self have you ever thought about it? if not I can assure after reading this blog you will. We grow up in a society where we are taught to share, to think about others first, talking about my upbringing I have always been taught to respect others, think about others. I was very infatuated about all this in my early ages when I enter my junior college days I developed a hobby of readings books clicking pictures (not mine but my surrounding) and slowly I was introduced to the concept of travel, a world, a feeling which taught me that only you matters, your decision, your point of view matters. This doesn’t mean you need to become selfish kinda person, no not at all this means you have or let me put in this way you must listen to yourself too, give importance to your thoughts and your point of you.

You know in my starting days of knowing about travel, I was under-confident, used to get influenced by others, used to blindly trust on anyone and I never used to speak my heart out type of person. But now here I am with the teachings and ethics of travel who change me into a brighter person, a girl who has accomplished not full confidence but much more than underconfidence on her. Today I don’t get that nervous to communicate with the world, talk about my weakness share my point of views and not thinking about the judgement of other people about me. I’m not a perfect girl or writer or blogger I have many flaws but I’m happy with them whatever they are and however, they are. Travel has taught me to listen to myself first what my inner me thinks about a particular thing idea or decision. I have learned how much importance it is to trust your inner you, listen to it first and then others. I feel so special sharing with you all travel has changed me totally, today I can say to the world that I’m stronger, better and no more a coward girl to face challenges. I would also like to thank all of my readers too because they own part of changing me into a coward travel blogger to a confident one. Thanks to every one of you who gave me suggestions, helping me in pointing out my mistakes loving my writing and most importantly supporting me!

If you haven’t started listening to your inner you, I will tell you to start now rather than it gets late. Because someone has said better late than never. let me know in comments how much importance do you give to yourself, how much do you listen to your inner you. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about it.

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