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Good evening fellas, I hope you are doing good, it’s a Friday and here I’m again with a fresh brand new topic. But first, let’s talk about the end of 2020. we are just 21 days away from the year 2020 to be over, what a year it was like I didn’t ever think that my final year of bachelor’s degree of graduation will go like this. So let’s get started for today.

Talk (Baateh Karna) who doesn’t like to talk except introverts and mute. Even introverts start talking once they start feeling comfortable and mute even they have their beautiful language to convey to speak. In the first place tell me why do we talk, yes answer is communication but only communication or any other thing too? According to my perspective talking is as important as for heart to keep beating. We talk for various reasons, we talk to share, to express our ideas, to put our ideas in front of others. You all might know that we are talking continuously even when our mouth is shut isn’t this amazing in our silence also there is a conversation going on between our heart and mind. Wow How beautifully God has created us, we are 24×7 having communication either to someone else, with our self or with non-speaking things. Talking with non-speaking things strange right it was for me too unless I read an article about it. The day before yesterday when I was surfing the internet casually I came across this article(attaching the link below the blog) when I read the article I came to know that we all talk to non-living things intentionally or non intentionally.

You all may know that sometimes talking leads to fight, a cold war or a rivalry and only talking is the solution to end the fight. I have noticed this we humans whenever we end up fighting some of us goes into their own zone i.e they go to the place which is very close to their heart or the one they are fond of. Then comes the next category in which person shout on others after the fight like they try to take out their anger on somebody else it can be a known person or stranger too. Talking about me I belong to the first category I get emotional after fights I don’t like fights at all then whether it’s with my parents, my friends or my closed ones. I enter into my zone after a fight where I calm myself, I think where did I or the person go wrong, I try to talk to myself or anything which would be available in my surrounding it can be a tree, an empty road, my balcony in the house. After reading the article which I talked about in the above paragraph, I realized that yes I talk to non-living or myself for feeling better and psychologically it’s normal. After getting calm and talking about it with myself or things which are around me I get back to that person to talk about the fight and discuss the same.

All I want to convey is people talk about it. Because I have been to this stage where talking was very difficult for me, expressing my views used to give me goosebumps and all I used to be just tight liped. I have lost various opportunity in past . But then I started writing blog started talking on videos, making short stories on Instagram, all of this boosted my level of confidence, all of this helped me to interact with you all differently. By talking I feel privileged to say that every Friday I come up here interact with you all talk to you hear your views and share my views, yes talking makes me happy. Because of talking, I have started to stay happy these days !!!

Do you also feel talking is important for you, you feel happy after talking to yourself or any other person or thing. If yes let m know in the comment how does it feel to talk? Let’s talk in a comment this time.

Link for my Instagram – The link of blog which gave me reason to write blog on this topic.

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