……….Left with Memories

Hello people, hope you all are fine and healthy. Sorry for being a little busy this week as I am having my college exam, but don’t worry I’m almost done with it and I will be free for welcoming the new year by Monday. This week’s topic is travel so let’s get started.

We are creating memories since the day we were born we were never taught to make memories, as humans we are inculcated with it. If you compare a small child and an old man they both have their own set of memories in their own vivid way. A Child stuffs all the memories in his head but just because he is small he find it difficult to express or share it with someone else. Whereas an old man who can speak well can share and explain memories properly. But there is no one to listen to him, everyone thinks he is old now and assumes he is trying to have a conversation in an unconscious manner. I tried to explain the journey of memories in above few words and if we put together this entire journey it becomes a life of a human. You must have heard people saying life is short, life is complicated, life can end in the blink of an eye what all these phrases lead to it just one single lesson of life i.e keep making memories every single moment of your life because memories are what you are going to hold till last seconds of your life.

Since the day I have come in my true senses, got to know how the world works (though I’m still learning the vicious cycle of life) I started making memories. I still remember the stories from my teenage told by my Mumma and dadi about their teenage. I can still remember a sentence they told me, ‘Beta ab teenage me aagaye ho ab life badlna shuru hogi aur time rail ki tarah dodega’ This statement was proven so true I will tell you how I didn’t know how my 10th got over, my 12th passed in a fraction of time and here I am in the final year of bachelor degree graduation. All I have is just memories of these  past few years. I still remember talks, stories, those laughs and gigs during my 12th standard, the first-ever time when I met my best friend and today I’m lucky to have her and memories I created with her. I still remember how I got attracted to travel and how my life took a big turn. I never thought one day I’m going to be a blogger sitting and writing for you all (laughing remembering those days) But you know I’m happy at the end I’m creating memories each day some with travel some, with life and some with my writings. I love these memories and I’m going to cherish and laugh in my old days though there might be or might not be people to listen to me.

I’m blessed to create memories with travel. Places I visited, stories I heard, pictures I clicked and so much more all of this gives me goosebumps today, make me smile and think how far I have come with my partner (you all know very well) and created such beautiful memories in life which I can never forget. Travel is the biggest reason I started cherishing days, memories, moments and most important I started staying positive and happy. Touchwood with all these things which I have created while travelling and being with travel has given me the strength to live happy either alone or with someone doesn’t matter.

Readers, never ever stop making memories, try to make each and every day of your life memorable and then see how happy your days will be. Memories are only the truly happy moments of we humans, what we have other than memories in life according to me nothing.  And at the end we all will be left with memories and nothing else!

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3 thoughts on “……….Left with Memories

  1. I just loved this ritika…this article made me go back into my memory lane… Got a little nostalgic too.. Keep writing and let’s keep creating memories 👍❤️😊


  2. Amazing blog dear Ritika, I too agree with you. Life is all about creating memories.
    Spend your each moment of life as a memorable one.

    Well, keep creating memories. Keep writing as you always do.❤


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