Christmas Gift!!!

Good Afternoon people and Merry Christmas to my lovely readers, guess you have completed your lunch till now and you can read my blog before taking noon nap. Anyways winter is in full force and Mornings and Nights are so chilled that nowadays the blanket has become my best friend. Just five days for this year to end, I wish you all have warm Merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance. Let’s get started with today’s topic.

As you all know it’s Christmas today and it’s all about carols, plum cakes, Santa Clause (my favorite) and Christmas gift. Such a lovely day Christmas is though I’m not Christian my schooling was done from a Convent school and in my school days all I was fascinated with gifts and plum cake. I mean who cannot love plum cake that brown color slice of cake whose one slice is never enough for me. I still remember I used to wait for the Christmas party celebration in my school so that I can wear something from my choice apart from the uniform. My best memory of Christmas is ‘Christmas Gift’.

I love Christmas gift so much that I have been hanging socks out of my house every year so that I can receive gifts. I continue this ritual till my schooling and after that, it stopped. I grew up started going to College and this sock hanging vanished from my Christmas celebration. But the process of getting gifts didn’t stop till date. Even this year too I got my Christmas gift. I can still remember my first every gift was bracelet cum watch and I was excited for the gift that I didn’t sleep the whole night. There is no special gift, my every Christmas is special. My mum often say are you kid that you still asked for the gifts and I reply to her back by saying I have grown up but my heart had not yet then I say ‘Dil to bacha Hai Ji’ and she gives me smirk in such a funny way that it makes me laugh so hard. I love surprise whether it’s my birthday or Christmas or Diwali I loved being getting surprised. People ask me what excitement do I have to receive a gift after 20 years, I simply say it’s the heart who never let me grow up, who was always make me selfish in terms of gifts surprise and that’s what makes me happy. In the end, what matters to me is just three things happiness, wanderlust and surprises.
And there is one simple thing if nobody gifts you or surprise you, you can gift or surprise yourself by buying stuff which can bring a smile on your face and make you happy. You know the happiest person is the one who first makes himself/ her self happy and then others, and I’m the happiest person because if nobody gifts me I gift myself no matter if it’s just a 10 Rs Cadbury but its a gift for me by me. Try this therapy or process of gifting yourself and you will see changes in yourself, you will start living more happier.

So, guys, this was my thing about Christmas gifts let me know in comments what gift did you receive this year or if you haven’t any what are your thoughts about gifts and surprises…

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