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Happy New Year my lovely readers, finally it’s 2021 and at last 2020 has ended. What year it was, to be honest my 2020 passed away in a wink of an eye. Today is the first day of the new year and today I m going to promise all my happy readers one thing, i.e. this year I will travel more, write more and I will try to grow @musafirdiaries more so that you never get bore of my stories, pictures and boomerang. Today is the first day of the year and so it is Friday today, thus let’s begin with the topic for today.

Travel as you all know has become an important part of our life. We travel for numerous reasons. But tell me one thing do we prepare a travel checklist before initiating our journey? Travel Checklist what is it? any new term invented for travel I know all these questions might arrive in your brain after hearing this. A travel Checklist is nothing but all those things which are essential while you are travelling or those which you might require after reaching the destination. This term is not invented today or yesterday in earlier days we used to say to check the things we kept in our bags or handbags which we will be needing during our journey. Hence in order to avoid saying this long sentence, travel researchers made a word for it a Travel Checklist.

Travel is all about fun, experiences, exploring, clicking pictures and shopping right? so for all of these, we need to carry things associated with them. Talking about me I always have my travel checklist ready before undertaking my journey. The very 2 basic things in my checklist which you will found always are 1) Camera (my phone) 2) Sling bag filled with some of my handy items like Lipbalms, comb, earpods and a mini purse with some cash. These two items are important for me and carrying this with me make me feel complete on my journey. I inculcate this habit when I first travel to Jammu Kashmir (Link at end of blog) because when I travel there, it was winter and I didn’t have a sling bag to keep my lip balm earpords and so on. When I came back from a trip I decided to start this habit of making travel checklist and carrying only those things which I actually required. Preparing a checklist is not a difficult task, you just require some planning, thought process and research about the place you are going to travel to. Doing all of the above steps which I mentioned helps you to plan for your trip easily and on a very quick basis. Some times a travel checklist may get confusing because sometimes what happens is that you are not able to decide what to carry and what to not. In such a situation, you can ask travel professionals, travel agents or god of all of this i.e. Google the answer key of everything.

All I’m want to convey is it’s better to travel with a good plan and an exciting checklist as these two things can help you make your journey a hundred times better. Nowadays people have started preparing a travel checklist and trust me I have heard the experiences of such people travelling with their checklist and they were really amazing. The experience obviously will be amazing as a person is ready for his/her journey with the thing he/she required during the entire trip.

Do you also prepare a travel checklist before travelling if not start preparing one and you will be able to see a crisper and clear raw version of your trip before undertaking the trip. Let me know in comments what is that one thing which will always be present in your checklist.

Till then happy new year and have a great weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Travel Checklist…

  1. Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you & your family.

    I truely agree with that, it’s must to have a Travel Checklist for travelling. It must be consider as the first priority of Traveling.
    Anyways, Amazing blog as always dear Ritika.! Keep writing πŸ™‚


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