The Calmness of Mind….

Hello readers, its Friday and time for the new blog. The quick current status is that it was raining in the morning in January, I was like seriously what is going on with our ecosystem, anyways I’m not here to discuss about the ecosystem I’m here to discuss with you all the quick gest of my recent trip to Alibaug which I undertook last weekend. And in this blog, I’m going to share my experience of the short vacation in two parts and today’s post will be part one, so let’s get started.

Evening at the beach

Alibaug is a small town in Maharastra. 96 km far from Mumbai. It just takes 2.5/3 hours to reach the destination. It is a beach destination and my personal favorite because 1- I’m a beach person, 2 – Near to my house so can visit any weekend. I went to Akshi beach which is just a few km before from main Alibaug city, we were a group of 7 people 4 was us and 3 were from mum’s friend side. I stay in a home-stay which had cleaned and sanitized rooms and it also served good food, the entire cost of accommodation was 2000 bucks per person. The beach was 2-min walk away from the home stay so that was a plus point. I have been going to the place since I’m a kid, I have a bunch of memories being at the beach playing with waves, making a sandcastle, eating gola (an ice ball inserted in stick with different flavors) and many such. Mine this trip was a little- bit different as it was covid times obviously and second I found beaches deserted i.e. there was the minimal crowd I found at the beach. Beaches were clean and they were silent that was the best highlight of the trip.

Being a beach baby

I went for one night stay i.e. Saturday and Sunday I was back. I went to the beach in the evening on Saturday and All could I see was 7 of us at the beach, there were other people but they were quite far away from us. As I told I’m beach baby and the moment I step on to the beach I entered into my zone. I started walking towards beach, giggling, getting excited about the touch of cold waves on my feet. Honestly, It was a perfect environment to calm the mind, to sit at the beach and feel the moment. I did feel the moment, I was talking to waves, I was taking photographs, making boomerang, videos so that I can share with you all. During this entire trip, I just used my phone for some social media stuff and for the blog other than that my phone was in the sling bag and I was busy in enjoying the silence, the chirping of birds, the noise of waves which was giving me feeling of nostalgic. Sitting at the beach I also recognized that how important it is for me to travel, to experience these views, to have a calm mind. Trust me I experienced the most peaceful calmness of mind on this trip. The calmness taught me how I can spend more time with myself, with beaches and most importantly how can I enjoy these small moments of life which will turn into a big book of memories of life some day.

Me time picture

The best part of this trip was that I took this trip at the beginning of the new year hence I’m hoping I will travel more, explore and share more with you all this year. This trip truly brought me a calmness of mind hoping for more such!! Also, part 2 of this blog will be coming next week.

Till then stay safe, stay healthy….

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8 thoughts on “The Calmness of Mind….

  1. Amazing blog Ritika.👍 Nice to see you travelling after a long time 🙂

    Also eagerly waiting for the second part.!!!


  2. We had our farmhouse at Revdanda, Alibaug and the place is very close to the beach. Recalled fond memories of my childhood trips to our Alibaug farmhouse.


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