The Silence of Waves!!

Hola lovely readers, hoping that your new year is going well and here I’m with part 2 of my Alibaug trip. Current hot news is that WhatsApp isn’t safe anymore and people have started shifting from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal. People ensure the safety of your private stuff. Let’s get started with today’s topic.

A small recap for the readers, I went on a short trip to Alibaug on new year’s eve. The place is just a few kilometers away from Mumbai and a good place for a weekend. It’s one of my go-to destinations because it’s a beach land and the place is not commercialized with God’s grace. In the first part, I explained the gest of this trip in form of calmness of mind I got, the much needed break which I was awaiting for a long period of time. Talking about part 2 it is about my favourite natural thing that is beaches and the waves of beaches. I have written 2/3 blogs about my love, the attraction for the beaches. Don’t worry in this blog I won’t be explaining the importance of beaches but my love and happiness towards it and peace of mind which I receive.

I still remember how my papa used to take me to beaches in childhood days and I used to get scared of waves touching my feet. We used to visit beaches 2/3 times a year and whenever we visited I would always be scared. Then one-day papa took me into deep waves and made me stand there for 5 minutes and slowly I understood It’s fun to stand in the waves, sand and taste the salty water when high tides come your way he made me understand it’s fun to be in the water. Thanks to papa, he made me attached with the waves of beaches. After childhood, my connection with the beach got lost due to school and stuff. But when I entered college the love, the attraction began and it’s still alive and kicking. Now I can avoid and ignore anything but not beaches, no.

Coming back to the topic, this time when I visited Alibaug the place, the beaches were empty like I could see minimal humans around me. The time I spend in two days . I played with waves, I sat and talked with the waves and I realised one thing and that was the silence of waves on the beach.

The true meaning is that though I was talking with waves have a conversation with them, I gradually realise that waves are replying back to me in form of silence. Now there are obvious reasons that some of you might find my statement insane. To be honest, I felt it and that feeling was of next-level guys, I will suggest to you all next time whenever you visit the beach and you find it empty just sit down and let the waves talk with you in silence and then you will find my statement true. It was a golden moment of my life to hear the waves speaking. There was a different kind of magic in that silence the magic of realising the moment, the magic of feeling your heartbeats and biggest magic of all the silence which you might have never experienced before and silence which can you the maximum calmness of mind ever!!

Next time you visit the beach try this therapy and you never know this magic of silence may get happened with you.

Till then be safe and be healthy

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7 thoughts on “The Silence of Waves!!

  1. Well written dear.. Can feel what you have felt enjoying those waves n the tranquility of the sea.. Keep exploring and expressing ❤️❤️


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