Peace of Mind!

Hello readers, hope you all are healthy and fine. Here I’m with a new blog in the new week with a calm and peaceful mind. A quick snick pick news Joe Biden is finally the 46th president of America with Kamala Harris being the first female vice president. I watched one of her speeches where she said a statement which gave me happy goosebumps and that was “I may be the first, but I won’t be the last” I was like wow what a speech delivery. Getting back to the topic, this week was a bit stressful for me, I wanted this week to pass by peacefully but my college assignment and the project kept me stuck and hence this week went quick and stressful. Being in this stressful state I got thought of how important it is to have a peace of mind in life so here I’m writing a blog on this topic.

Before Quarantine, our life was stressful like we were running and rushing for work, college daily routine. We used to have thoughts on having a piece of mind then but never had a thought of actually experiencing it, do we? at least not me. I still remember my day used to be filled with activities like going to college, having fun with friends, spending time with mum, coping up with assignment and more such thing. Piece of mind was never part of my life. In those days I used to wish for having a long vacation from everything didn’t know God will fulfill in form of the lock down of almost 1 year. Did you realize we are just 1 month way from lock down anniversary? I got this thought yesterday that it will one year soon, the year passed in a wink of an eye but with lots of learning and ample of time, I also realized that within 4/5 months I’m going to be graduated with my bachelor degree omg how the time passed so quickly. It was like yesterday thing that we were roaming freely without any hesitation or worry then lock down happened and now it’s time for the lock down to get over but that’s not gonna happen for more about 3/4 months as per my assumption.

The most important thing I experienced I felt when I look back to lock down was that though we were home, we were not allowed to roam freely all this were the bad side of Covid but there were or there is this good side of covid too and i.e we brought peace in our life, we got a piece of mind by being home. I mean think about it when did we last had this long vacation from our work, college? I should say work cation because we were home but were doing work from home. But did you realize that though we were working, doing different chores of the house we somewhere felt peace too didn’t we? and somewhere we all our looking for that one moment of calm in hustle and bustle of life. Talking about me I received my piece of mind. I heard people talking life has become difficult now, there is so much expanse with pay cut yes I agree with all of these points but we also somewhere enjoy this silence.

Having peace of mind is very important for people, a moment to spend time with yourself, a moment to live a mental stress-free life. I have experienced all of this in this quarantine or lock down. Now things are opening slowly but I will suggest you if you haven’t enjoyed your peace of mind there is still time or now is this time. If possible detox yourself from everything and live a moment for yourself.

Let me know what are thoughts on peace of mind, did you received a piece of mind?

Also, next week is special for me it’s very special I will keep updating you in the next few days so keep your eyes on musafirdiaries Instagram account, putting the link in the blog, if you haven’t followed yet do-follow till then be safe and be healthy!

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  1. Blog well written aroraqueen♥️♥️♥️….your quality of blogs recently have got really higher💕💕💋♥️♥️ Keep up the good work


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