My Key Birthday!

Hi, readers Happy Republic Day strange no it’s Tuesday and I’m writing a blog? but there is a reason to write a blog today, yes it really special day for me it’s my 21st birthday. I have grown up into late adolescence it feels good to become one more year older. I feel like it was yesterday thing that I was 20 and in the wink of an eye year passed away and I turned 21. Hi, guys here I’m again with a new post in the new week and new genre. Let’s get started.

It was around last week when I was checking out Instagram stories on my feed and I came across a story of my classmate with a pic of her celebrating a birthday with a hashtag of my key birthday. I have heard and seen many other hashtags related to birthdays but this was new and wired too. I mean what is this sense of hashtag of key birthday I asked my girlfriends about the same and they were like no idea then the last option we all humans have on this planet is to ask ‘Google Baba’ (Indian name for Google). When I finally received the answer to my question it made sense and the true meaning was that it’s a tradition dates from the times when at twenty-one, you were considered old enough to be a key-holder to your family’s home, and thus hold a symbolical ‘senior’ position in the family. When I first understand the meaning I giggle by thinking in just one year how much grown up I have become. But in next thought, I realized this is nothing but another name for your grown-up age and people uses this just to highlight one’s birthday. But to be honest I will prefer myself saying 21st birthday more. I know you will say then why the title is Key Birthday, I used it because I wanted to introduce you all to this new term as I was.

Being one more year today, I frankly don’t know how to react should I be happy, excited or upset that now everyone around will start expecting maturity from me, mature decision, mature thinking and whatnot. From now I will be hearing statements about getting settled in life, thinking big, making my career and living a fruitful life. But in the end, this is a stage everyone has to go through and I’m happy to do so. I feel good that this year that I will be exploring more of myself discovering new places, writing blogs for all of you, making videos and keep interacting with you.

I have taken resolution too this year that whatever happens wherever I will be I will try my best to not stop writing blogs and the closing Musafirdiaries. Musafirdiaries has become the most important part of my life and reason is you all readers. It because all of my single readers who read my blogs, point out my errors and help in growing Musafirdiaries organically. A big, big thanks to all of my readers out there. Keep supporting, keep loving and most importantly keep reading.

Happy Republic Day people, have fun watching the parade at India Gate, Delhi and till then be safe and be healthy…..


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