Mental Peace.

Hello readers, it’s weekend and time for my blog too. I hope you all are doing good. My today’s topic is bit pale, but an important one to talk about. I have been thinking to write on this topic since long back, but this week the need to write a blog on this topic became important. Let’s get started.

Mental, Mad, psychic, insane you might have heard these words before. All these words are used for that person who is not normal, who tries to change or uniquely enhance things. In our society mental peace is boon, a person can talk about anything but mental peace oops the wrong choice for the topic. Earlier I also used to think that mental peace is a topic which is touch by psychic people viva psychiatrist. But as I grew up introduced to a part of the world where everyone has some of the stress I learned that everyone is going through this but very few are ready to willingly talk about it. If someone tries to talk others burden him/her with different slang, or terms related to mental stress. In our Indian society, a person can visit any type of doctor Gynecologist, Physiotherapist, Cardiac Specialist and what not but if a person wants to talk out and somehow he finally decides to visit a psychiatrist people judgement who live in this society pops ups. Talking about me I’m also part of this society and even my family somewhere won’t accept me going out to a person and talking about all my worries. Instead, my mum will be like why going out spending thousands of bucks and talking to a stranger about your problems talk to me. This is our society, I’m not saying this is wrong but my point is sometimes a person can open up more freely in front of a stranger rather than a known human. We all are humans we all need a part of peace at some point in our life. To be honest, whenever I’m in stress I talk it out obviously not to a psychiatrist but to a person who is ready to listen to me whether its 2 am in the night or 2 pm in the afternoon. I talk to my friend about all my stress, worries anxiety and many things. it’s like a process of calming down myself by throwing out all the things from my heart to my friend. Guys, you need to understand that it’s important to talk out, have your mental peace because if you don’t one day the pressure cooker of your stress will get burst and it will come out in such a way that you will hurt yourself only.

I’m happy I spoke about this thing with you and I have relived my mental peace partner, what about you guys? do you also have your mental partner whom you talk with freely? if not find that one person who can be your partner in stress, who has eligibility to listen to you. If you do this you will surely receive mental peace in your life.

This was my time, have fun reading the blog and let me know in comments about your thinking about mental peace and who is that one person who is your mental peace partner.

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