Their Support…….

Hi people it’s Thursday again and I’m here with a new topic and this post is dedicated to all those people in your life who are your support systems. The current fresh news is that people have started to get vaccinate (some of my family members have already got vaccinated) and on the same side spike in cases can be seen. Be safe readers I know we all are bored being at home but ensure if you are going out take all the necessary precautions. Let’s begin with today’s topic.

We, humans, are always in need of something whether it’s money, it’s comfort or it’s luxury life. Our wants have never ended and they won’t because we humans are somewhere the best example of greedy nature. We need more and more rather than thinking of stopping ourselves from wanting more, practically this is not possible too. Don’t worry this isn’t a life philosophy blog all these things I wrote because I want you all to connect with my points to get to one single place. Tell me one thing what is that one thing we humans require the most except basic needs and obviously air to breathe. Support (sahara) the one thing which motivates a person to live, to perform his/her duties, to accomplish his or her target. You might have not realized but if we all are standing still today it’s all because of the support of that one important person in our life who matters to us most, who our another name for the world. Now this name of the world can be given to anyone for a child his parents are his world, for a wife her husband and her family is the world and vice versa for husband. In this world, all of us need support 24×7 sometimes we seek the support of teachers for study, support of doctors to get an assurance of our closed ones for getting well soon. These are just two examples their many examples out there, many stories on support. But sometimes this support gets weaken this support makes us lost our way, sometimes this support is taken for granted by us and when this happens we receive failures in life. Sometimes it’s good too that we forget about our support systems and do as per our own will because these failures only teach us the value and how big is the role of a support system in our life.

Talking about my life, my biggest support system is my mum and dad I can give all the credits to them for making me the person I’m today. You know whenever I write a blog they are the ones who are ready to point out my mistakes they read the blog rate it and depreciate or appreciate it as per there likings. For me, their opinion matters a lot whether it’s my blog, it’s my education or my decision about travelling my first consultants are both them. Apart from that, my best friend is my secondary support system because she knows me from the inside out she knows when to advice me when to snap at me and when to stand with me. Apart from these 3 people my support system is you all, each one of you who read my blog appreciates it, rectify my mistakes and suggestions for my improvement. Readers I need your support every single day it’s because of you all Musafirdiaries is getting paced up so thank you.

People respect your support systems in your life I know sometimes we do get lost in our choas that we forget about them. This should not happen but if it happens just say sorry and appreciate their importance in your life. Once in while just simply approach them and say thank you! if they ask why just reply to them by saying, ‘you make my life beautiful’ it’s that simple.

This was my time guys let me know in comments who are support systems in your life. Till then be safe and be healthy …
Have fun reading!


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