Window Seat!!

Hola readers!! hope your days are going well because I guess tough time has gained its pace again. It’s officially one year to lockdown in our country due to covid. The number of cases has surged again in the country especially in Mumbai city, cases have surged in my area too. On one side people are getting vaccinated and on the other, there is this spike. To be honest I don’t know how to feel whether to get depressed or feel relaxed. Talking about my today’s topic it’s special, very special all my topics are special though but this one has a special place in my heart so let us get started.

I love travelling, some of you also might love travelling but what that one key aspect which helps to make your travelling fun. It’s food for some, for some it’s mountains or beaches or snow and many such things. But for me, it is a ‘WINDOW SEAT’. Yes a Window seat, a seat which gives me goosebumps by making me see those beautiful views. This seat has a special part in making travel an interesting thing to do, reason I will let you know, this seat shows you the real magic of travel i.e its a basic idealogy that we humans get excited whenever it’s about travel and when you are travelling and you get a window seat it becomes a miracle. Talking about me I am thankful for window seats because these seats play an important part in my life when it comes to travel. Whenever I plan trips, I’m excited before the trip, I’m excited during the trip and after the trip too. Before the trip because of packing, dreaming about creating memories by clicking pictures. During the trip, because I’m on my way to reach the location and because of the window seat too. I usually get excited about travelling and If I get a window seat during my journey it’s the perfect icing on the cake. Windows play an important for me while I’m travelling because, to be honest, I’m not that person who likes to keep talking during my entire journey instead I will prefer to stay mum and having my own time. I do talk too, but this silence and my time windows make me feel happy, over-excited for my future days by making me view beautiful landscapes, small villages cities, the hustle-bustle of crowd and much more.

It has been two years since I haven’t travel anywhere far so that I can get the opportunity to have a window seat, never mind hoping that soon I will. These window seats are the ones which make me happy the most while I’m travelling.

What are your views about window seat, are you also a lover of window seat? do windows gives you goosebumps of enjoyment too let me know in the comments…
This was my time people have fun reading the blog, comment on it do follow @Musafirdiaries and be safe and be healthy as the risk is still out there!

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