Namaste my lovely Janta, isn’t it amazing how weeks are passing by quickly and I just wait for Thursdays so that I come and speak my heart out. Today’s topic is something that is part of our routine, our life cannot work smoothly without this abstraction. Let’s get started!

Misunderstood, misunderstanding, I’m sorry, beg your pardon all these words are very familiar to us. We used this when we want to avoid the conversation or you know we don’t want to pay attention to it. But some times this misunderstanding makes us get involved in deep problems and such deep that it becomes so difficult to come out of them. Sometimes it leads us to depression too. Why am I talking this sad today, yes I’m kind of low due to my college things. I have lots of projects piled up and I’m not able to find a way out of it, but this is nothing making sense to my topic I know right. Yesterday something happened and I was misunderstood intentionally or unintentionally. But it made me so cranky that I got so low, I was feeling like hell with my life already lots of things piled and my time got wasted because of a little understanding. Hence I’m talking a little about negative vibes. Never mind Koi nai) sometimes it’s not your time.

Misunderstanding teaches us a lot in life, it teaches how to gain patience, how to calm oneself down and how to enlighten one’s mood. Talking about me I have gone through several misunderstandings in life that now got habituated to it. I have this pattern in my life which I have observed by myself whenever somethings bad happens I get hyper I get cranky and especially frustrated in beginning but soon I get normal too like in 15-20 maximum in the half-hour I get calm and try to breathe. Trust I have heard this and tried on myself that taking a deep breath during a crisis helps a lot. It truly does, misunderstandings have made me strongly personally. I feel somewhere we should take these misunderstanding in positive as it gives one energy to sustain problems and live a positive life!
This was my time readers let me know your thoughts on misunderstanding lets share each other thought and have a conversation.

Till then be healthy and save and have fun reading….


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