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Good morning lovelies welcome to covid part two we are again back to square 1 where we were last year. India is recording more than 1000 cases per day, but you know what fun fact is? The fun fact is that people are no more scared of the pandemic. People are behaving like ‘nothing to worry we are habitual to it’. In the end, it’s nobody’s fault it’s all because of circumstances. All we can do is just take precautions, keep ourselves far from crowds and follow all the guidelines. Talking about this Thursdays topic it’s about that one person one thing who is always there for you no matter what. Let us get started.

Our life is all about rushing, hustling, giving our best so that we can live in comfort, we can fulfil the desires of our loved one isn’t it? we do right. We keep doing our daily chores so that we can see respect in the eyes of our people whom we love the most, who means the world to us. It feels great from within that such person or people are part of us, they understand us, listen to us and give us a feeling that they are behind us no matter what. It is not necessary that this back support can be received from humans only, it can be anything, a plant, animal, a place, any kind of non-living thing or any feeling. You know I have seen people saying that we are not in need of a person, we are in search of that one thing who can brighten our day by just looking at us, by just understanding mood. There are phrases in the world that express that the true meaning of love is found in a person, a living being. But you know my observance says that for the love you don’t need person nop, not at all, all you need is back support who can be just there standing for you. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to stay single, alone for life. That cannot happen in any way because the first reason is that I don’t want to be single and second I’m not that person who can live my entire life on myself. Now, to be honest, this does not mean I’m available to get mingle, I’m really happy in my own little world where my families, friends, love one and not the least my desire of travel is with me who listens to me, brightens my mood and help me in being cheerful.

Yes, the feeling of travel is there for me always 24×7, 365 days. I know it is a one-way relationship where I’m the one who keeps expressing and simultaneously travel keeps hearing me. People have said me I’m crazy I accept I’m because whatever I’m today however am I today the whole and the sole reason is this feeling of travel. My major and biggest back support, who stand by me and who is there for me and who will be there for me. People find “there for you” in person, but for me, I have found it in travel and I’m loving this feeling totally. Many of you might be fans of the ‘FRIENDS’ series because I’m a die-hard fan. You know when I first heard the theme song of the series ‘I will be there for you.’ I couldn’t relate it with myself, but when I connected it with travel it sounded perfectly melodious. So yea travel is always there for me.

I hope you have fun reading this blog, this was my time readers have a good day and be safe and healthy.

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8 thoughts on “There for you……

  1. Indeed.. support doesn’t always means from a person. It can be anything which helps you keep going 😁


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