Is it easy, as it sounds?

Hi, lovelies, feeling good meeting you guys after one whole week. Sincere apologies people I got stuck in presentations and submission so much that did not get time to write a blog. This is the final semester of my final year so it’s like just one last time need to put efforts in, once it gets over I will be free and active again on Musafir Diaries. Also, the next two weeks are more hectic for me there will be more pressure and stress coming on my way. No worries I won’t ignore my readers you people are the priority so need to worry. Also, people be safe please take all the precautions because I don’t want my vacation to be spent at home. Today’s topic is all about what you think and in reality what it is so let’s get started.

We all hear people commenting on each others profession, hobbies, likings don’t we? talking about me I have heard several times and you know the very famous phrase which I get to listen to most of the time is “It’s so easy to do there is nothing easy then this” (sab se aasan cheez hai ye isme kya hard work hai) this has become the regular phrase of my life. Sometimes I think people say this intentionally to tease me or they genuinely meant it? I will tell you the reason too why people say this, I’m currently pursuing my bachelors in Tourism field it’s like I’m studying those subjects which can brush my skills about my hobby. The second reason why people say me it such an easy job because I write. Many humans in this world think there is no easy job in this world than writing. I have come across more taunts about my bachelor’s study than my art of writing. Everyone thinks that professions that are difficult to pursue are Engineering, MBBS degree or study of IPSC or UPSC there are many more but I have been familiar with these few. I’m not a person who judge anyone based on their qualification or profession, I’m more of a skill as well as a talented person I like the people who have the skills to do something irregular from routine. Earlier I was a very simple girl who was pursuing her commerce in 12th std and the plan was doing MBA in the related field all was sorted. I’m not lying I had a sudden change in my interest and it got attracted me to travel, it was so early that within a year I changed my path and entered this field. I’m happy by the way, though I currently ups and downs are going on this is just a bad phase.

All I want to convey through this post is that no profession is easy or hard it all about your interest, your skills and your to-do desire what matters. Everything is easy to say but in reality, when you do it it’s not that easy. Let me know in the comments if I’m wrong.

This was my time readers have fun reading the blog, comment on it let me know your views about this topic let’s have a conversation. Till then be happy be safe and have fun!

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5 thoughts on “Is it easy, as it sounds?

  1. Very well written. Focus on your goal and ignore what others say or think. Be passionate about whatever you are doing, be it your hobby, study or profession. Continue your hard work and it will take you places. ❀️


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