The Second wave….

Hi my lovely readers I have missed you all a lot in the last few days. I’m sorry I somewhat undertook a little big vacation and the reason was my semester end examinations. Don’t you worry I’m back and I’m not going anywhere now I will be constant on my blogs, content and being active on social media. I hope you all are safe and healthy, today’s topic is all related to our health so let’s get started. By the way to all the harry potter lovers, I have started to read harry, potter, on my kindle I’m on the first part it’s just beginning but I’m liking this sci-fiction story.

Nowadays everywhere all I can hear is Covid vaccine, shortage of bed or oxygen lockdown stories and an increase in the number of cases stories. Trust me I have never felt this much depressed in my entire life. I never thought all our life will take a turn in such a way that makes our life go upside down. It’s been a year I have been at home, being a travel enthusiast sitting at home is difficult. I got accustomed to the first wave of pandemic last year but now it’s like water is going overhead and simultaneously my patience is getting over too. I compromised with myself last year, I made my heart understand that this shall too pass, but now it’s becoming difficult day by day. When the pandemic began in March last year everyone was so precautious I used to see people around me taking care of themselves to the next level. There was a fear created in minds of human that a pandemic is a big risk to life hence one need to take care of himself/herself. Finally at the end of 2020 things started to come back to their pace. I finally believed that yes now I will be free you might have sensed my excitement of happiness in my last few blogs. Everything was going well and then came the news about the second wave of covid and things changed again but this time it was worst.

When the second wave began everyone was like not again, no more and all including me got so frustrated that we start to ignore our health all the safety measures which are a must. This ignorance grew so big that we all came to step 1 the step where we all were last year. I not only blame you guys but somewhere I blame myself too I started to behave in such a way that I got my wings back now I can do whatever I want can go wherever I want. I was wrong though pandemic came with its second wave in such force that situations are much worst than last year. Last year cases were in control but this time cases are increasing day by day. I’m not a political person hence I’m not going to talk bout political relations with the pandemic. But yes I would like to say that I made mistake you made it we all made it but we can make situations better again if we start to take things sincerely once again. I know that we all are irritated we all stand on the same platform but ignoring things won’t lead us anywhere right? we are responsible for our safety, for our health. Today let us all do one thing let us all promise with each other that we will start taking precautions for our health and we will try to enjoy life keeping safety measures in mind. Let’s keep this promise readers and you never know soon with god grace everything will be normal again.

I’m promising to all my readers today that I will enjoy life with safety measure will you promise me the same? are you ready to keep the promise? If yes reply to me in the comments !!

Oh my god after so long I got my smile back on my face and the reason was playing with words and creating a blog for you all. I missed you all so much. This was my time guys hope you all like reading the blog have a fun day and don’t forget the promise….

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