Aachar (Pickle)!

Hello readers, Good morning rains have finally started it has been continuously raining since yesterday in my locality. That heat, that hot wind breeze have finally ended. This week has been very different for me from the usual one’s.

This week started with me taking a vaccination shot. It was my first shot, I got the opportunity to take the vaccine through my dad’s office they arranged a vaccination drive so I got jabbed on Sunday! Taking vaccine was one and it’s after effect is other. After getting injected I went through arm pain and body ache. Body ache has ended but a little bit of arm pain is still there. It will take 3-4 days more to get fine.

Jars of Pickles in my home!

Talking about today’s topic, the topic is related to food and I must say it is the most important part of Indian Food. You will find this item served with major meals in the Indian diet.

Still not able to get what it is? I will tell you its “Aachar” (Pickles) the most unforgettable part of the food and without which meal cannot be finished off.

In every Indian house, this item is prepared and mostly the grandmas are the ones who make it. There was not a single summer vacation in my life where I haven’t seen my mom and grandma taking out big glass jars and sitting under the sun and preparing mouth-watering pickles.

That smile after seeing Pickle!

Yes, you read right its pickles, in my home you can find a wide range of pickles. The process of making it starts from raw mangoes which in Hindi it is called (kerry ka achar) then it goes on with lemon pickle, Garlic and Ginger pickle, green chilli and red chilli pickle. All of these pickles have become a big part of my summer season.

As Summer starts mom and grandma start preparing themselves to make this important representation of an Indian meal. Talking about me I’m not that fond of Aachar (Pickles). I eat only one among the various pickles and i.e. of raw mango and too only in summers. I don’t why but I like their essence only during summers main reason behind it is that it is prepared fresh and it tastes fresh.

My Favorite Pickle

Talking about the rest of the family including some of the aunties they are very fond of pickles. Some even come to our house just to taste the pickle made by grandma. I have observed her smiling face while making pickle she is the happiest while doing this. I mean she is the women who can eat roti (Indian Bread)with just pickle. I always get this wired how could one eat roti with just pickle I can’t.

My daily healthy meal

Pickles have been an important of Indian culture for ages. You can find them in almost every house. Beyond communities and tradition pickles have made their place in the hearts of people and It is really amazing to see that a single pickle brings people together and make the connection stronger.

Since I started to understand things I have seen my mother and grandma preparing pickles and sharing them with other family members and neighbours.

Aachar has truly become important of Indian sentiments. I wait for summer every year so that I can see two important women of life preparing their favourite food item and spending time together!

This was my time guys, what are your thoughts about pickles which pickle is your favourite let me know in the comments.
Till then be safe and healthy, and have a Happy Monsoon!

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