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Bonjour lectrices that means hello readers! Learning French these days is a part of my master’s studies so trying hard to communicate in it, it’s fun to study. I hope you all are doing well we are just two months away from 2022, can you believe it? 2021 also have come to an end in the wink of an eye. These last two years have changed our lives drastically and now it’s feeling like it’s nothing new.

Our family saint, we called them babaji

Coming to today’s topic, the topic is a simple and sweet health related topic. You might have guessed from the title itself, do not worry I won’t be giving a composition on healthy life. Instead, I’m going to share my experience of how does it feel to live a healthy life even for one day. So let’s begin my story!

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Many of you know that I undertook a trip to Amritsar one of my favourite city in the entire world. I have written few blogs about my trip will be attaching a link somewhere in between so you can read it! I’m writing this blog to give you a glimpse of how easy it is to adapt to a simple healthy lifestyle and trust me it feels good to be part of it.

I had two main destinations in my entire trip. One was Amritsar and the second was a gurudwara of my ancestors in Kapurthala district of Punjab. I visit this place whenever I travel to Amritsar, it acts as an important enroute in my trip. Similarly, in this journey also I went to this place. Let me tell you that the gurudwara is situated in a rural area and you all  might know how the life goes on in rural region.

The ancestral gurudwara

I reached gurudwara in evening around 4-5 pm and the environment was so calm and peaceful, I observed that people there live a slow life like nobody is in rush, everything is done slowly with lots of care and compassion. Gurudwara had rooms for the visitors to stay and rest for those who come from far like us.

We checked in the rooms and I’m not joking the rooms were so beautiful and comfortable that no other room of a hotel or apartment can win in comparison of it. I got fresh up went to gurudwara prayed there attended some holy rituals and as time passed I came to know that day ends there by 7 pm its true everyone gets back to their house have dinner and go to sleep by 9pm.

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I too had my dinner (lungar) around 8 pm, my lungar consist of simple daal and roti. The best protein food ever for humans. This is the only food which can help a person to live a long and healthy life, but this rarely happens in the city most of the time we end up eating a street or fast food as our dinner and then complain about not being able to live a healthy life.

So as the day end there quickly I had my dinner went to bed and slept early, I was in need of rest had a long journey that’s why I had no difficulties in sleeping.

Talking about morning, the day starts there as early as 4 am. People wake up at 4 am get ready come to gurudwara pray and then start their daily routine tasks. I had such good sleep after a long time, I woke up at 6 am took bath, went to gurduwara and then I explore the surrounding area. All I was able to see till the stretch of my eyes were green fields, and farmers working on it. The air was fresh and all I could hear was the voice of silence.

This is me sitting under the tree and observing the stress free life and environment around me…..

As I said no one lives a stressful life there and that’s the reason everything was happening at its own pace. Some females were preparing lungar for the day, while some were cleaning the gurudwara I also saw that men were part of this process too.

There was a huge tree under which I was sitting and observing this peaceful life and realise that everyone should at least once in their lifetime should go to such rural area, stay there for few days and live this healthy life. Because in today’s time it has become so important to undergo this so that each one of us can have a few moments away from our stressful life.

This was my time, have fun reading my blog and let me know your thoughts upon living a healthy lifestyle!

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