Best places in India to rejuvenate yourself with Yoga

Yoga is one of the important part Indian workout cultures. It is considered as one of the best activity to keep oneself healthy and have a peace of mind. The birth of yoga has started with a dawn of civilization. The science of this activity has its orign since thousand years. Isn’t it amazing that one small activity or workout can bring harmony between your body and mind. 

Earlier Yoga was used to be carried in particular region and that too in a small community, but slowly people started to realise the importance of being healthy and since then yoga gain its pace to a next level. Now you can find people travelling for Yoga to attain calmness of mind and body. 

India has number of spots at which you can find Yoga being carried out in a great way so that you forget all your worries and have a good period of time to enjoy meditation.

Here are the top 8 spots where you can practise Yoga


Known as’ Yoga Capital’ of the world the best place in the country. The place has such spiritual vibes that it is considered as the best place to undergo mediation and attain harmony. People visit this place all around the year to do Yoga, undertake spiritual peace and to spare some time away from routine and socialising. Other than this you can also enjoy White Water River rafting here. 


The party capital is not just for hang out, partying or enjoying the nightlife. The place is also known for undergoing into a meditation and that too in such peaceful environment which is hard to believe. This smallest city has lots of yoga retreats and resorts which offers a ayurvedic Yoga for all the Yoga practitioners from around the world.


The God’s Own Country is just not famous for its temples, shrines or green nature but also for Yoga too. Kerala is the first state in the country which started the concept of Ayurvedic Retreat. You can find lots retreats, wellness resorts and spa which offer ayurvedic massage and treatment along with Yoga. You can plan your trip to these resorts to enjoy the spirituality of your healthy mind and body.


Doing Yoga in faraway land in between mountains is on the bucket list of everyone. The place is famous for life changing mediation centres and retreat where you get opportunity to live away from your loved one’s work life and social life. The place helps you to disconnect from your routine and connect with yourself. Plan your trip to experience yoga in between mountains


The oldest city of the world is the best place to undergo pilgrimage and spiritual peace. Also known as Kashi or Banaras the city is situated on the plains of Ganga. With lots of temples and shrines the environment gets filled with spirituality here and it’s become easy to undergo Yoga here. It has lots of Ashrams and homestays where you can stay and enjoy the peaceful vibes of this city.


The French territory in southern part of India offer colonial towns, clean beaches along with yoga. For a relax vacation wether on the beach or in yoga retreat, Pondicherry has it all. Yoga retreats here help you to relax your mind with lots of activities right from massage, spa to other wellness activities will make your mind active and your body relaxed.


The capital city of the country is a hub of recreational activities. Lots of tourists from in and around the country visit the place to undergo Yoga activities, lots yoga camps are organized during International Yoga Day and attendee count rise up to lakh during the celebration. Visit Delhi to attain these programs and have fun exploring the spiritual side of you 


If you want to enjoy the yoga with a traditional approach, then Kolkata city is waiting for you. The important city of West Bengal offers you lots of Yoga centres where you can do yoga and enjoy the environment of the retreat. Plan your trip to the joy city to attend the Yoga rejuvenation and healthy mind of your good being.

Yoga is an important workout for our healthy, travel to these Yoga spots to enjoy the peaceful environment and spiritual culture of the healthy workout.

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