Travel Guide to Jaipur

Bonjour, Thursday Funday is here with a new topic. I hope you all are fine and busy with your hectic schedule, talking about me I’m really busy with my hectic schedule. The city on which I have shared a guide today is my go to location, I have been reading, seeing and listening about its stories since I have got addicted to the term of Travel.

Its my biggest dream to visit this city one day, immerse myself as Jaipurite and explore this ancient yet beautiful town on my feet.

Jaipur is a culturally important city of our country. The city where all you can find is rich heritage, traditional way of living and a city where guests are welcomed in the best hospitable way. It is said that visiting Jaipur and exploring it in form of locality is a must thing to do once in lifetime.

Talking about activities which you can experience while being there are many such as exploring the true Rajasthani City vibes, shopping on streets, visiting the royals palaces and mahals, getting spiritual vibes in olden temples and much more. Someone has truly said that while being in Jaipur you never know what you get to see and what on your way surprises you!

Follow this travel guide to Jaipur and explore the pink city vibes.

When to visit

Being capital city of one of the desert regions of the country, summers are extremely hot here. Hence to explore city at its best October to March is the best time to visit the place and enjoy it to the fullest. To enjoy the ideal holiday in Jaipur winter is the best period to plan a trip here.

How to visit

Jaipur International airport is very well connected to most of the cities of the country; also, the airport welcomes various flights coming from the international borders.

Rajasthan State transport Corporation runs Ac as well as Non Ac buses which connect the city to nearby place such as Delhi, Gujarat, few parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and many other places.

Jaipur Junction is the largest railway junction and it is connected to various cities of the country such as Delhi, Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh and many more.

Where to stay

Jaipur provides you with large number of options to accommodate yourself. You can find homestays, different categories hotels very easily. In order to live in a place where you want to experience royalty palaces can be an option too.

Things to do

Visit Hawa Mahal

One of the most famous landmarks of Jaipur city. An important and one the most olden structure you will found here is Hawa Mahal. It was designed for royal ladies to view daily celebrations and rituals. The structure looks like honeycomb hive, you can find lots of café and restaurants which offers splendid view of the palace where you can sit and enjoy the scenic view of this beautiful creation.

Seek blessing at Govind Devji Temple

Visit this magnificent temple which is a unique symbol of Rajasthani Architecture and rituals. You can find idol of Govind Devji here which is visited by lots of devotees to seek blessings and enjoy spiritual vibe.

Discover Astronomy at Jantar Mantar

If you are fond of astronomy Jantar Mantar awaits for you. This is an ancient astronomical observatory which shows how people used to understand time using sundial. Other than this you can also find various astronomy related objects which are used in day to day science activities here

Enjoy seeing miniatures at doll museum

This is the wonderland of Jaipur where you can see varieties of dolls in different shapes, sizes and forms dressed in traditional, ethnic or religious ways. Taking a tour with your kids here is one of the best and recommended things to do while being in pink city.

This is just a basic guide and I have included the famous and known facts and attraction of the place. In the next blog I will be topic about the other aspect of the Jaipur which is the second reason why people like to visit this place.

Plan your trip to Jaipur and immerse yourself in the cultural vibe of the city with help of this tour guide like never before. Have you visited Jaipur before or you too are waiting for that one day like me to fulfil your wanderlust of the pink city? Let me know in comments.

Till then be happy, be safe and keep smiling….

Pictures Credit- Bhagyshree Rathore My favorite Photographer

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