Best ways to celebrate Diwali in 2021

Good evening readers, it’s a pre Diwali evening also known as Choti Diwali in India. I’m very much excited for tomorrow as I will be getting opportunity to wear my authentic dress, eat snacks and sweets prepared by my mum and grandma. Also, this year Diwali has few relaxations unless like last year where we under a strict restriction. Thanks to God that this year we can celebrate Diwali in much easier way.

Diwali is here and once again the preparation and planning to celebrate the biggest festival of Hindu religion has begun. Diwali is celebrated to welcome the lord Ram home after defeating the demon Ravan. People clean, decorate their houses, buy new things and conduct a Maha Pooja at home. 

Diwali is one such festival where you can find everything in bright colours. Whether it’s lighting, decorative and unique lanterns, or the snacks and sweet everything about Diwali is so exciting that people start planning for it from one month prior itself. 

There are lots of things to be done during these festivals and these things are the reason that makes Diwali more beautiful. 

Here are certain ways in which you can celebrate Diwali

Go for Diwali Shopping 

This Diwali light Diya’s and bring positivity in your life

Diwali is all about going to market shopping new things for the house, buying new outfits, rangoli colours, lanterns, purchasing new gold and praying to Goddess Lakshmi so that she can offer us lots of blessings and wealth. Markets are filled up with fresh stock and the latest materials so that you can find latest trendy goods and items. Buy the authentic traditional wea this Diwali and make yourself happy.

Light Diyas and Lanterns 

Lighting diyas and hanging Lanterns is traditional way to celebrate this festival. The practice of doing this ritual is being followed since the Lord Ram era. People buy new lanterns with unique designs and styles hang them in their house and light diyas in every corner of the room so that environment can get filled with spiritual feelings. I have bought a new lantern and lights this year and they are looking really beautiful.

Prepare Diwali snacks and sweets

Food is an important part of any festival and same is applied to Diwali. People prepare or buy snacks and sweets which adds value to the celebration. Some of the prominent and famous Diwali snacks and sweets include Chakali, Laddos, Shakarpare, Chivda, Gulab Jamun, Roshgulla and many more. Different people belonging to different communities prepare their own special food. My mom and grandma prepared Gujiya, Matri and Ladoos this year and they taste delicious.

Invite your closed ones

Invite your close friends and family who are far or you weren’t able to interact with them in this busy schedule. Every year my family organise a get together on Bhai-Duj and we cousins have lots of fun talks.  Diwali can be the best occasion where you can bond back with your people and remember old memories, create new ones by doing fun activities, playing games and eating food together.

Draw Rangoli outside your house

Rangoli is an important part of Indian culture. Drawing rangoli outside can bring positivity to your life, intricate patterns of rangoli are the medium to start your day on a good note. Shop for flowers or buy different colours and make designer rangoli outside your house so that this Diwali your house gets filled with positive vibes.

Donate to needy

There cannot be any best thing in the world to celebrate the festival by helping and donating things to needy. There are lots of people in the world who suffer a lot and it is our duty as a human to help them and provide them with what are they in need of.  My mom has a contact with an NGO and every year during Diwali we clean the house and gives away all the clothes and articles which gets useless to us. This Diwali donate things that are not useful for you because if you don’t need them somebody surely does!

Make your Diwali more auspicious and special this year by celebrating it in these unique ways. Let me know in comments what are your favourite things or facts about Diwali!

Till then be safe, be healthy and Happy Diwali to all my lovely followers and readers you make me strong. Keep smiling and have a good a celebration.

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