Top 8 ways to celebrate New Year amid Covid’19

Happy last Monday of the year 2021 to all of you. Still can’t believe that year is about to end in just a wink of an eye. Like every year, this year also had some of the happy and sad or should I say high or low moments. The year began with a new positivity with less effect of Covid and it’s ending again with a slight of tension as the pandemic is gaining pace again. 

In simple words, the entire cycle of Covid is ding dong, sometimes it feels like life is getting better and very next moment there comes a new variant to warn us about not forgetting the pandemic protocol. 

Don’t worry this ain’t a pandemic philosophical blog. We all had or still have to celebrate the new year with a bang, but as the new variant is increasing the pressure of disease, many states in the country have gone into partial restriction by imposing night curfew. 

Don’t get your mood down, you can still celebrate New Year Eve in your home itself and that too in more fun, creative and exciting rather than going out for a long drive or night out. 

These are few unique and creative ways to celebrate the New Year this time 

Decorate your house 

Every occasion becomes more vibrant and attractive when it gets lighten up with decorations, brightness and positivity. This year decorate your house with DIY and ecofriendly materials with a particular theme of your interest and make your home look ready to welcome the new year.

Plan a movie night 

Redesign your favourite corner in the house with a simple and cozy setup. Dim the light and binge watch your favourite New Year movie which can make you laugh and cheer up your mood and don’t forget to prepare tempting movie snacks which you can you a proper feel of a movie theatre. 

Get Dressed 

This is my personal favourite, I like to get dressed no matter what the occasion is. Open your wardrobe and take out your favourite party costume dress yourself click tonnes of pictures or shoot yourself in a video describing the happy memories of the year.

Prepare DIY gifts 

This new year surprise yourself by being creative. Buy yourself a DIY gift of your choice that can engage you in creating something which you like the most. Nowadays you can find various DIY kits available on various shopping websites or physical art and craft stores.

Cook a festive meal 

None of the celebrations can end without a perfect gourmet meal. Cook your favorite meal which is your any time go to food or try your hands on new cuisine which can help you to upgrade your cooking skills and you never know your experiment can turn to be one of your best preparations. 

Divert your mind on Board Games 

Board Games are the best idea to kill time and engage your mind in some intense though healthy competitions. Various board games which cannot be forgotten are Tambola (Housie), Monopoly, Ludo, Card Games and many such fun games that can make your evening beautiful.

Treat yourself with delightful drinks

Drinks and New Year go hand in hand. There are various cocktails drinks available in the store you can buy them, pour and decorate them in your elegant drink glasses. You can also try creating one by looking for a quick and easy recipe, Make yourself happy with these fun lovely drinks not just because of their taste, but because of their funky names too. 

Enjoy a photo session at creative Photo Booth

Plan and construct a New Year Booth in house. Dress in party costume and fill your social media with lots of pictures, videos or boomerangs. Make sure to capture funny, wired and happy moments that can be remembered and cherished in future. 

These are the few activities highly recommended by me which you can opt to make your New Year Eve a blast, I’m going to try these for sure and I hope you will too. 

Let me know in comments which activity did you like the most and reason behind it!

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