It’s Christmas Eve!

Hola readers, it’s Thursday just one day more for my vacation. Honestly, I have been waiting for this since a long time, my entire day goes into online college, hectic lectures and it end with a tired brain. Never mind, it’s a hustle of hardworking days before good days.

It’s a Christmas evening tomorrow, the night before Christmas where everyone and everything is ready and waiting for midnight to begin the celebration of the most awaited day of the year. 

There are lots of things which are must to do if you celebrate Christmas with bang if you don’t celebrate then too it is recommended to enjoy certain activities which can give you  a perfect Christmas evening vibe.

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Here is a list of activities which you can undergo on the eve of Christmas. 

Cook a grand meal 

Christmas is a festival of delightful food and dishes. Each dish prepared during the festival carries a value and is served with lots of love. Some of the famous dishes prepared during Christmas are Roasted Red Potatoes, Gingerbread Cookies, Spiral Ham, Roasted Beef, Sugar Cookie Martini and many more delicacies becomes the part of the celebration.

Invite friends and family

No festival is complete without friends and family, the occasion seems beautiful and complete by talking and sharing food with family and friends. Similarly in this festival guests play an important part, invite them to your house play games, prepare a meal and spend a good Christmas eve with your loved ones. 

Share your secret Santa gifts

Secret Santa is the new trend which has become famous in the past few years. Become a Secret Santa of someone you care for. Buy a thing or gift for your favourite person and surprise them by fulfilling their desires in the disguise of Secret Santa and you never know someone can become your Secret Santa too.

Go for Christmas Tree Hopping

Going for hopping in the city during festival is considered as to be an important part of the celebration. Whether it’s Ganesh Utsav pandal hopping or pandal hopping during Durga Pooja there is always a certain level of happiness to do it. Nowadays people have started doing Christmas Tree hopping too, where friends and family get together and visit various prominent destinations in the town to see the decoration of huge and tall Christmas Trees.

Visit Church 

Christmas is the birthday of Lord Jesus Christ and there is no best place than Church in the world to celebrate this festival. Visit Church with your family and siblings, offer prayer to the lord, sing carols in the name of him and seek blessings from the lord. Church is considered to be one of the most spiritual and holy places in the world during Christmas.

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Share and Donate

Christmas is all about sharing, caring and offering love to the people who require it. Take out all your clothes, items which you don’t require anymore and set out of your house visit to some NGO and donate all your things which you find useless. As something which is waste for you can turn to be important for the person who is in extreme need of it.

Make your Christmas happier and inciteful by undertaking these fun and lovely activities on the eve of Christmas.

Merry Christmas people, may this Christmas bring lots of happiness, love and laughter to you and your loved ones!

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