The last day of 2021

Good morning lovely people, don’t know where to start from about my last blog of the year. Still can’t believe that today is the last day of 2021 and from tomorrow there will be a new beginning, a new numerical to write in the date and a new calendar to follow!

Most of us are still in that period of 2020 when the Covid entered our lives in a real sense and haven’t left yet. Like talking about me, I’m still two years behind mentally and physically I have lived two years in such a quick time. There were lots of good and bad memories, ups and down moments for me this year

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Some of the good things that happened to me was, I entered the era of younghood, I completed my bachelor’s graduation, I worked upon my blog took it to Instagram as an official page, started my master’s and most importantly I became more confident, started believing and loving myself more.

Thankfully, there were quite fewer bad moments that I went through this year. One was the period, the time in my life where everything turns into huge chaos, I went into an emotional breakdown because I wasn’t able to travel, go out and feel free.

Many of you might know that I can’t do one thing or sit in one place for longer period and hence I wasn’t able to handle things well, I used to cringe and be irritated all the time. Second was I took the admission for masters in university where I could enjoy the hostel life, but that too didn’t happen due to the pandemic.

Apart from this, I cope very well with all of my stuff right from college, Musafirdiaries, internships and some of my personal stuff.

The one thing which I learned this year about life was that every moment is uncertain, you don’t what is going to be served on your plate the next moment. So you should stop overthinking and let things happen at their own pace.

I’m a big time overthinker and many times I mess things up due to my overthinking. Still the things are far better I have control over my overthinking currently but the work is in progress.

In the end, I just have one thing to say to all my readers on the last day of 2021 and i.e. stop over expecting and over hoping things because you never know your too much hope might lead you into distress.

It has been two years since the pandemic has entered our life and it is still there, we don’t know when is it going to end, but what we all have to know is that we have to start living in each moment in present and not in the past.

So my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all, may the new year brings lots of happiness and positivity to your life and let us hope this is the last wave of the pandemic.

Till then be safe, be healthy and please follow all the Covid restrictions. I will see you all next year with lots of stories and experiences!!

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