A Bright Sunny Afternoon!

Hola, I hope you are doing good and I’m back with a new exciting topic. First of all my exams are finally over and I’m all free, alive and kicking once again, exams kept me busy like a lot wasn’t having anytime to do my favourite things just like the one I’m currently doing.

After long time I made out of the house tomorrow, it was getting so toxic sitting at home and I was waiting for this since long, I guess right from the new year. I went out for some other purpose which was primary and visiting this place was secondary.

The view says its all…..

It was so good to be out after so long, I must say I almost live an entire day like old me during my second year of Bachelors. Those were the fundays, interacting long but less tiring and most importantly it was filled with fun and everyday was new page like really. Everyday I used to meet my friends, crack jokes, laugh, click snap, bitch about professor (not a very good thing to do, but was a part of fun) sometimes sneak out in between lectures and many such crazy things were my daily routine.

True those were the days when I never cared about what day is it all I did was went to college, sat with my friends and have moments. After so long I got the opportunity to live one of these days once again and I thoroughly lived it yesterday.

I experienced everything yesterday right from travelling from crowded local train at peak hour, walked in between thousands or maybe lakhs of people and trust me I was feeling so fresh It was like after 3 years I got to live a proper Mumbaikar life once again

Coming to the title, yesterday I went to my evergreen favourite place in Mumbai. Before relieving the name let me describe it, the place is filled with silence, one can feel cold breeze of air and after being there mind and heart gets relax.

I have been going to this place or sometimes I do accompany my friends since my high school. There is different vibe here, once you reach here you forget all your worries and go through a calm and happy period of life. Talking about me you will see me smiling till the time I leave this place.

There is nothing extra ordinary about this place, it all about the vibes, environment and the view.  I visit here so that I can forget all my grievance, stress, worries and live in the moment. I have learned to seize and live the moment from here.

Enough of this and that, let me revel the name now, the name of spot is Marine Drive, Mumbaikars are very much familiar with this name and many outsiders too. I visited this place in afternoon and it was a perfect bright sunny day with cold and refreshing air.

I visited this place after whole three years and yesterday when I first saw this place, I become that little girl who used to come here often. I sat had a great time with myself and the vibes.

Indeed, it was a bright sunny day for a girl who once again started to live the moment and took the breath of fresh air after such a long time.

Let me know your favourite thing about marine drive, mine is to sit facing the sea and have a good self talk for long hours!

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4 thoughts on “A Bright Sunny Afternoon!

  1. Wowwww this blog is soooooo sweet and great…… Extremely inspiring ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️… Your readers love your work precious…


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