Its almost a Triennium!

Good evening readers, hope you all are keeping well but I’m not don’t worry I’m fine but not fine. Its like lots of things are happening around me and on that note I’m somewhere not able to cope up with Musafirdiaries schedule. I’m trying my best to be active and keep interacting with you and I expect your cooperation in back.

Today’s topic is the continuous series of my previous blog, this blog is just bit different. I have always been a person who likes to be a silent place, no matter if it is being alone or with a group or partner.

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Silence, calm and peace are the best adjective which can define my urge and motivation to travel. This doesn’t mean that I don’t like crowded or noisy spots I totally adore them, I do its just that if I would be given option of this or that, silence will be winner over noise.

Inhaling the silence….

Last week I visited once such spot of Mumbai which is known for its calm vibes and which is my personal favourite and can visit anytime the Marine Drive. A huge stretch lane with the view of sea on one side and hotels or apartments to reside on another.

I have been visiting this place since childhood days, it was with parents earlier then it got converted with group of friends and currently its either going alone and very rarely with a partner or a group.

There was a time when I used to often like four to five times twice a month, but there came a period when it months turned into year and I didn’t get the opportunity to visit the spot one time even in six months.

Yes, it was the period of pandemic, where my often visits got stop and four, five times turned into a Triennium (period of three years). At first it was unbelievable for me too, but a bitter truth is a truth at then end. I would say the recent visit after pandemic was worth waiting, I guess because I understood the importance and value of that view, of air and calm environment.

I knew its importance even in past too, but you know somebody has said that you get more attached to a thing or person when you don’t get the opportunity to spend the time with it or have it regularly. In my case it was with the Marine Drive, I must say visiting after Triennium gave me a next level of satisfaction not only by heart but as a whole!

After Triennium I finally visited my favourite location of the city and memories as well as the view is still fresh in my mind and eyes!

Have you also missed something in pandemic and when you visited it post pandemic you will felt surreal? Let me in know in comments, let me understand am I only the one or there are many other like me!!!

Also, next week is very special, huge announcement coming soon on your way. I also promise once this thing happens, I will be in more contact with you.

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