Travel Guide to Puducherry

French towns and their planned cities are considered as number one in scenic landscapes along with well-planned infrastructure. This is the second reason after French culture to visit France and that’s why many city lovers, architects, explorer travel to France.

After the French revolution, the cultural values and lifestyle of France created a big impact on various parts of the world and which lead to the beginning of a  new French civilization other than in France. Today one such French civilization can be found in our country in the down south and is known as Pondicherry or Puducherry. 

Earlier it was part of Tamil Nadu, but currently known as union territory. Puducherry is the best destination to live and explore life in French style. Those were the days when you need to have a passport and visa to travel to France, but now all you need is a flight or train reservation, a good choice of accommodation and you can take a glimpse of entire France in your country itself. 

Follow this travel guide to Puducherry and make your trip memorable!

When to visit

Winter is the best time to plan a trip to the place. October- March the temperature and climate is good and environment becomes suitable which is a plus point to explore the place without any difficulties. 

How to visit       

Puducherry has a small airport and can only accommodate small aircraft and hence it allows flights coming from nearby areas such as Bangalore, Kerala, Chennai, Madurai and Vijayanagar. However, you can travel through connecting flights coming from major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata etc. 

Where to stay

Puducherry offers a wide range of options for staying starting from zostels, hostels, homestays, rented apartments to budget and luxurious resorts or hotels. Choose your stay as per your comfortability and that too within your pocket limits. 

Top 5 Unique things to do

Volunteer at Auroville

Auroville is an experimental township in Puducherry, it was inaugurated on 28th February 1968, the main aim of this huge settlement is to attend a peace of mind by making yourself free from stressful routine. Every year lots of people from different caste, gender, religion or country visit this place to live a simple life where everyone is considered equal. Looking for something like this, then Auroville is waiting to welcome you.

Take a bicycle tour 

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Bicycling is the best mode to explore the entire Puducherry on your feet. There are various corners in the place which offer bicycles on rent, you can hire a bicycle and all you need is an excited heart and curious expression on your face to find out what Puducherry has to offer you. Also, undertake a bicycle tour at affordable fees and learn about the unheard stories of this replica of France.

Go for an underwater date 

Being a beach destination, you can find lots of beach activities here. One of the famous and most preferred activities is Scuba diving, with crystal clear beaches the life inside the water is the must watch here. Plan your underwater date with your loved ones, friends or go solo to experience few magical movements inside water.

Try Surfing 

To all beach lovers, Surfing is must to do while travelling to Puducherry. If you are new to surfing undertake a course post which you can receive a certificate too. Surfing is the most thrilling water activity you can ever try. If adventure is your thing, then surfing can be the most fun activity for you.

Plan a food hopping date 

Puducherry is also famous for its tempting food and delicacies. Not only south Indian food but dishes from various parts of the world right from France, London, German cuisine can be found here. If food is the reason for your travel, then Puducherry has lots of cafes, lounges and restaurants that offer varieties of tempting food dishes which can fulfil your hunger.

Puducherry is one such place which can give you vibes of being in France while exploring the streets. Visit this place if you want to explore the life in the French city along with its rich culture.

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